HTML Tutorial 1 – Designing A Website In Notepad – Basics and Beginnings

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In this HTML website design tutorial I will teach you how to write and format your very first web page using HTML.

Difficulty Level:

If you have any problems or need help with any of this tutorial please leave a comment below or message me on YouTube.


raje raje says:

its good

Dr Pramod Padole says:

good video i learn't from it

TheRunefan says:

When opening in browser it shows the whole file in browser and not just the stuff out of bracket which is a new thing it seems because this didn't happen before

Arun Sahadeo says:

Wait, don't you need the <!doctype HTML> tag as well?

The Bro Nerd says:

This doesn't work! The font tag doesn't work on my notepad!

netlinkE says:

I learnt from this. Keep up the good work

Pushkar Reddy says:

help me with this..i am not getting which has shown as in mozilla in the above video…(i am getting the same as what i have written everything in notepad)

DGalacticMan says:

Does the Color command from batch work in html?

pisscmnouttamyasssss says:

you dont need to know html just get the template you want

Ploggy344 says:

thanks! this is the first video which worked for me

Ahitan SEO Slough - Web Design Company & SEO Expert says:

Very well explained and presented. Thumps up for you and also want to learn php.

danialzuher says:

Thanks, very helpful :)

Denn Denn says:

I want to learn on how to make a game using notepad, HELP!

billy bristow says:

oh btw i forgot to add that the title did show its just everything in the body tag did not

billy bristow says:

hey bro i got a problem with my code every time i save it now ik i wrote the css tags right witch are the <html> <head> <title> <body> and i did the center tag 2 but i tested it on 2 browsers ie and crome but the tex welcome to my frist site did not show up in the center after i did the center tag and it never showd up b4 that even so alittle helpppppp hear

Mohammad Qasim says:

you can also increase font size by using h1 to h6 
<h2><my name is jutt></h1>

Robert Holmes says:


Elyas Rochelle says:

Very well explained, I am creator and CEO of MakeItRain Studios, a web design and software studio based out of Phoenix, AZ, and I have NEVER seen this better explained for the common person, even those not well versed in HTML.

Also, do you have any tutorials on JavaScript, I have used your videos before for my free web-classes.

Eman Khan says:

helped me a lot!  thx!

LemonBob says:

How do you host it?

ratan barnwal says:

Thanks a lot for explaining html in such a simpler way. It couldn't have been more simpler. But I have 1 small question to ask, I.e. why don't we close <html> & <head> tag. Please guide me through this in a simpler way again. Thank you.

Ryan Davis says:

do you swing the other way

jlljfrench says:

Thank you, this is so useful!!!

StenVideoHive says:

By The Way! There is a cool way to show your site) –

Pedro says:

Very good it help a lot ty

Roger Legacy says:

thanks for making this so "senior" friendly, very well explained!

Phalla Post Cambodia says:

Thank you, I was learning Web design

SoulBaron says:

You can't use <font face=" "> on notepad++ for some reason but you can use <font size=" ">. weird

Christian Cosejo says:

This was great! thanks!

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