Going to School or Learning Web Design on Your Own?

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http://www.mlwebco.com – In this video I talk about my thoughts on whether you should go to school or learn web design on your own.


James Williams says:

you possess very well the art of teaching thank you very much for that enlightening presentation

Christi Ellington says:

Do you know what Universities or schools are good for earning a degree in Web? I am about to get my AAS in Visual Communications from Ivy Tech Community College in Indiana. I have taken 2 web classes and have learned HTML and CSS. In the spring I will be taking Mobile Apps. I am noticing a lot of jobs require a Bachelors degree.

Kelsey Waara says:

This video made me think about my own personal choices a lot! I am beginning an associate degree in web design and interactive media this spring at a trade school. I have recently decided on this career as I believe it is the right combination of creative and technical skills that I believe I would excel at.

I currently don't have any web design skills. I wish I was the type that could teach myself, however I get distracted without structure. This is why I believe at least two years of classes will be beneficial to me. Perhaps after that point, I will have the basic knowledge to further my education on my own.

I have been doubting myself searching the internet for advice on "Whether I should go to school for web design" or not, and this video reinforced that I do in fact need to at least do a few intro design classes, as I do not have the persistent, independent attitude I would need to begin on my own.

I think I will begin with two years at my trade school to get my foot in the door! Thanks so much for this video, I found it very helpful to think on.

Question for you: So, you do not currently have a degree. Have you ever had an issue getting hired by a large company because of that fact? I feel like most companies won't give you the time of day unless you have a Bachelor's degree.

littleripper312 says:

Some people might want to consider taking a few 100 level courses to get started because it can teach you how to learn and how to be disciplined. I took some intro CS courses after self study and got a lot out of the cheap community college classes. You also have access to a teacher/ta's who you can talk to in person.

vibe3d says:

The only issue at the country where I live is people with a 4 year degree have more benefits like holiday pays and sick leaves as opposed to those who took vocational courses. It's unfair.

techZiffy India says:

What is the link to that course(00:35) please!

Oussama Mouktadir says:

Thank You! for me, i don't have a money issue! even so! i don't wanna go to school since it waste my time on some additional things that! maybe i don't wanna to learn or i already know it, so i think if you sign up for an Online school, it would be much better, today some schools have the ability to show you a track on how to be perfect on something, like the @Treehouse school they have a section called Tracks to track some sort of knowledge like for instance WebDesign or FrontEnd or whatever you're interested in! i think that's much productive then went to classic term ("a school")! Sincerely

Jonathan Lovich says:

If you teach your son, then he is not learning on his own. Since you are a professional in web design, it's almost as if your son is being taught by a professor. I would have preferred you talk about your experience learning it on your own, and only that.

Skizerz McDerp says:

"everything is based on what you know" maybe where you live that's how it is.  im on my third year of majoring in web design and have applied for a job as a web designer twice.  I told them i already know what is needed to know (i've made website frameworks from scratch and such) and both said to come back when i have a degree.  showing them what i've done, which is relatively substantial, didn't sway them at all. Also like to point out that if u major in web development (or any computer science) also teaches you MANY other skillsets. im majoring in webdevelopment, but i've taken courses (as part of my degree) in networking, programming 1 and 2, database systems, hardware, operating systems, among many others. it's not good to be a one-trick pony, knowing many different things makes you a lot more intriguing to hire because you're flexible. learning all these different things plus trying to specialize in a particular field will take a LOT of time, and will end up taking the same amount of time as just getting a degree. so spending that same amount of time, one giving you no degree and the other giving you a degree, i'd take the one that gives you a degree.

Partmore Kapingura says:

nice job indeed mike  i am  a student at catholic uiversity in zimbabwe and i hev developed interest in web designing

imie nazwisko says:

Do you think I might be able to start looking for a job as a junior front end developer after 7 months of learning HTML,CSS, Javascript, JQuery and photoshop? I spend about 2-3 hours each day.

Jay Eff says:

I'm at university studying biology. I'm in my second (out of three) years and have realized that web development is the career I want to pursue. Even though my degree will be, in a sense, wasted and I will come out with a lot of debt I wouldn't change it. University is much more than just getting a degree, there are a lot of other opportunities and experiences that come along with it and on top of that I just enjoy learning. I'm teaching myself web development skills outside of my degree so when I leave university I will still be able to get into a job that I want and get my foot in the door.

Sarah Kozak says:

I found this very helpful, thank you! I've been considering this, but you do point out a good fact about the time it will take on your own. It will take just as long on your own, but you have to be able to structure your time to do it. That's where I have trouble. When youre in school, you have a higher level of commitment.

Kingsley Felix says:

My own is i can't recall the code once i close the pc/book

Christopher Poulier says:

I personally was initially a self taught.. in IT.. then I did "computer studies" in year ten, and took it up for my diploma.. I can tell you now, I would have had no idea of the things I was taught at school that benefited me over my 30 year career in IT. I am not a web designer, rather a infrastructure support analyst so routers, switches, comms o/s's .. you know the drill… all your web stuff runs on top of what I do..

Christopher Poulier says:

My thinking is as follows. You did it on your own but to starve your son of a education at ten years of age is not a good thing. That would be ok if he grew to be sixteen and you could then say he's not very good at school.. but to do that at five years old is a bit premature as you would not be able to foresee his potential at five…

I know this as I have two sons.. now the younger one is thirteen and the older sixteen.. One is good at studies, the other at more physical and mechanical (if you like) work… Regardless, they will both go to school and get a formal licence at their profession of choice.

vinbuscusC heredsnapp says:

But how do you start and teach yourself if you know nothing about it? Help!!!

charan raj says:


Florante Laguit says:

Thanks, I like your good advice and God bless you, brother.

Ricardo Hernandez says:

Very inspiring Mike !!! I'm going to go to your site now and check it out. I'm currently using treehouse . I'm not too happy with it. You may have a new student soon.

GreciaR7 says:

Thank you for the video, knowing that I do not need school for Web Design, that I can learn on my own it's great. Do you have any recommendations of books, videos to start in Web Design

Drake Drakes says:

Youre awesome

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