Design + Code my Personal Website in 12 hours – Hour 1: Discovery

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Today we start an incredibly personal project. Thank you for joining me on this.

Last year’s long series:

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Abengoza Monina says:

i only iwant to know is how to crreate organizational chart using tags in notepad please help me

Jayvee Mark Acar says:

I'm stating my web developing career and these videos are very helpful. Thank you Travis

TheKyeZ says:

what is that text editor that you are using ?

Rahul Shetty says:

This tutorial was just AMAZING!! Please keep coming up with such Complete Web Development Tutorials…

Ahsan Zahid says:

Hey Travis, what do you use to make the circular picture-in-picture when you're looking at code?

Karan Chahal says:

Finished the parallax one.Now on to the next one.YOU .ARE.THE.BEST.

Mike Wheatley says:

Travis, I've been following your videos for a few days now. I'm an aspiring web designer from England. I've studied briefly HTML/CSS etc at college, I just wanted to write a comment to tell you, I feel like I have learned more, and enjoyed my learning experience far more from you alone. You have a wonderful talent for teaching and I want to truly thank you for re-igniting my love for web design, Keep hacking! Please keep doing your thing, Your channel is my favorite on youtube!

Farhad Khodamorad says:

thank's man

Moneysave Web Design says:

Educational and fun to go with it , kudos

Hasan Ahmad says:

+DevTips what software did u use to write your ideas on?

Vladislav Radchenko says:

Great tutorial, but I have not found a PSD layout for playing lessons. Where can I download it? Thanks!

Thắng Nguyễn says:

Thank you so much for the tips

joaquin delgado says:

Man, wanted to complementing my "academy" lessons for beginning to programing and design web,with good tutorials or courses about flexbox and discover you…god…you are good teacher because inspire people..and to me.i follow all of you.I love your work,passion,and dedication to share knowledge.cheers from spain!!!.i am enthusiastic,now i stay most motivated thanks to you…haha

ironman2000b says:

wonderful channel. Keep putting out the great content and viewers will stick. +1 sub

Dustin Black says:

Can someone please show me a video explaining how to link html, css and javascript files into google sites? or wordpress?

Sangam Chouchan says:

Only watched 3 min, and the dedication, the love, the inspiration all those values reached me already. Sir, love your work, and THANK YOU!

Designer-Tamil says:

Thank You for creating Awesome Tutorials :)

abstractnova says:

I come back to this video, every time I'd like to start a new project, so I can make sure I fully understand the project I'm doing. Love this, thanks Travis!

Leah Huyghe says:

What did you use to film this in order to have your face in the corner (and circular) and your screen recorded at the same time?
Thank you!

PNathan says:

"3. Be contact me." < Nice ^^

SMN Alfa says:

My dear Mr. Neilson. I love your video's, the way you do it is awesome (the way you talk, your facial mimic and so on). The content of your tutorials/video's is very useful. I even refer to your channel when I teach my students. Keep on going.

aman bhaskar says:

u r the best….

aman bhaskar says:

bro please make videos on that follow the rabbit (parallax) plese. i need ur help

jaboyak says:

This is absolutely phenomenal. I can't even tell you how much this helps. The best part about it is that this is completely obvious information, but while we build a website, sometimes we lose scope of what we're doing and who we're doing it for. Thank you so much!

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