Cooling Cap Helps Prevent Hair Loss During Cancer Treatment

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The U.S. Food and Drug Administration just approved the marketing of the DigniCap, a cooling cap that prevents cancer-fighting drugs from harming the hair of patients.

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shiekh abou says:

make up is a cancer

Neurectoblaste says:

Did I miss the link to the scientific study or did they forget to give it?

Tina Konyot says:

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Billy Mills says:

absolutely amazing this is why I love science

Life Improvements says:

I feel like this is gonna come off very Kanye-ish. Not to downplay this but wouldn't cannabis be better than the whole treatment and cap? That and/or Stanislaw Burzynski or Max Gerson?

Ryan Dotsters says:

Does anyone know where or if you can get these things?

Chris Jarvis says:

My only question is, why only breast cancer? There are far more common cancers that affect both genders…

squall44 says:

My mother is going to finish her chemo therapy next month, she would've love this, luckily she's a strong women and she pulled through.

Dill Pickle says:

so early

Coregame3 says:



AJ+ says:

In Hungary, artists are painting henna designs on bald heads to help women endure cancer treatment:

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