Advice for Getting Started in Web Design (Freelance vs. Full-Time Job)

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Close – In this video I share some advice for anyone getting started in web design. The question for young folks getting into web design is whether to go full-time or go freelance. In this video I offer my point of view.


Jerry Shen says:

Hello Mike. I am currently a computer science student and am very interested in web design. In your opinion is there any possibility of working part time as a web designer while in college? I plan on finishing my degree but want to work part time to help me pay my bills. Thanks a lot!

helena linda says:

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mnj331 says:

There are no web design jobs where I live which is Endicott, NY. Are most web design jobs through the computer or is there a PLACE that you go to work mon-fri? And whats the average work week for freelance and for normal full time.

carmen belinde says:

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Daily Design Deals says:

Thanks for the advice! 🙂

Jewel Mahmud says:

I think this instruction will help me always.

Cristopher Ribin says:

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Hellen Koman says:

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FreelanceUnleashed says:

This is a really interesting video. I myself worked in a design studio for 5 years before I went freelance. It gave me a real appreciation of how my boss went about getting clients and then the work that happens to give value to the client. When I jumped into the freelance world, I already had a great understanding of what needed to happen.

I also know people that have started out freelance right from the start and done really well. But to be honest, there aren't that many.

Thanks for the vid.

Dreighen says:

As I had originally planned. So in essence, I'd be killing two birds with one stone and entering the web design industry.

Dreighen says:

Hey Mike I wanted your opinion. I was getting into domain investing, and own about 10 domains. I am also in school to obtain my bach degree in Economics. My original idea was to develop my domains to monetize them. Right now they are parked until I get the experience. But now I've changed my goals and decided to take the credits I have already and get my AA in web development and design. What I want to do is use those domains I own as my portfolio in school while developing them

rjcream says:

Mike, Thank you so much for your videos. Your a good man for helping people like me just trying to break it into web design

Syed Fazil says:

I am 13 , and I have mastered in HTML and CSS . I'm not sure whether to start learning Javascript or PHP or etc . What do you think I should start learning ?

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Ryan Cinch says:

My ultimate goal is to become a freelance web-graphic artist and list all of my skills on a website of my own creation.

I just watched your video that says that people should work for a firm before going freelance.

Like I said, I have a lot of time to plan this out properly but I am trying to get as much advice from as many professionals as possible.

Thank you for your time!

Ryan Soliwoda

Ryan Cinch says:

I have a question, I am a 28 year-old film major and web-graphic design minor in college.

By the time I finish school, I will be in my early thirties.

I go to school part-time because I have A.D.D. so it is taking longer than some people.

My question is, do web design firms only hire younger applicants?

I have asked several professionals on youtube and have received mixed answers.

thetechgeneration says:

what advice would you give to a 14 year old web design/programming freelancer?

Paul says:

Thanks for uploading this video, I'm studying web development in college and got a lot from your comments, your advice makes a lot of sense and I think I'll benefit from it greatly in the future.

HellerVali says:

thank you, your advice really helped me!

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