The State Of The Economy Is One Big Illusion And The Collapse Will Shock The Masses – Episode 840a

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Report date: 12.11.2015

America’s faith in the economy has plummeted. Retail sales are the worse yet, with unemployment at 5% sales during this holiday season is at 2%, much lower than previous years. Business to sales ratio declines and enters the recession area. Mortgage application declines on new home purchases. BLS reports manufacturing will lose close to 1 million manufacturing jobs in the next 10 years. Bill Holter says the market decline is a test for the FED raising rates. This entire scenario is not looking good and everyone needs to prepare themselves.

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utedassmopp says:

at what point does americans realize democracy is an illusion and an authoritarian state ( not totalitarian ) working for the benefit of the nation is the answer

Mr. McSingh says:

fantastic channel…x22 you rock man


I had to close the phone to listen not wanting to look at his face…

Angelo Jamaica says:

You need to change your format. Its getting way to old. Same o same o all the time.

Martin Jurgensen says:

23% unemployed.3% GNP.103,000,000,000,000.00 in deep shit.War might work,but O bammy is a sissy!

Chris C says:

Having my doubts, it's been going on for so long. Every year its going to collapse for one reason or another and it never does. Stock market is still pretty high, gold down below 1100. Who really knows? I still think we will see a collapse at some point but it might be alot further off then we think.

Create a new channel says:

More crap

RocketRadioShow1 says:

good report Dave.

gary burns says:

look at those mergers going on. Mergers mostly happen when economy is bad. 75% off sales and start paying for 6 months only happen when economy is bad.  Gold over $1000 means economy is bad.  When copper is at $2 a pound, Platinum is under $1000, and  Rhodium is down 93% from its high and that means  its a bad economy.

goose gatherer says:

Obama has the economy exactly where he wants it to be, on the decline. His Zionist banker bosses will bring America down to the 3rd world status as planned and Obama is only the front man monkey going along for the money. More illegals and millions more muslims will complete the plan in a very short time. The world can see that Obama is the most anti American in history to ever hold the office of president, his hatred of the people is made clear with his constant anti constitutional actions and his unceasing attempts to keep them all in fear of their own shadows with all this fake terrorism and false flag shootings and bombings. Hopefully he will be stopped but finding patriotic Americans is not looking good, so you need to prepare for the worst, or become a muslim, Obama likes those and it may be the only course open to many.

Chad B says:

Something is scaring people..Why, are so many relocating to Alaska..Its not for the Beaches and Palm Trees..:-) ..

Joe Doomsdays says:

this year i just cut holes in my sons pockets so he would have something to play with at christmas.

Artbookends Meyer says:


‫אלון שכטר‬‎ says:

11:00 leave it to the germans to clean yankee mess….perheps next cycle theyll be on top well live in a more sensiable world

Dimitri Vincheov (Truth Soldier 56) says:

December 14 – 16 is going to be very interesting

Troy F says:

Thanks for the hard work Dave. Why don't you do a year end "I told ya so" episode. GO ahead big guy, you deserve it. Take some predictive comments that you have made and give some substantive data that they actually happened. Either way thanks for the info.

MyKidsFuture says:

I always love to see the few idiot trolls who thumb this down. It means Dave is still RIGHT. Love ya Dave!! Keep on!!

Theo Martinez says:

I believe time time for people to buy up silver and gold is coming to an end, stock up on food water and medical supplies while you still can for the fiat paper. Thank you for your reports Dave, ive been listening to your reports for over a year now and all you have talked about had come to pass. It is a collapse in slow motion.

Geoffrey Wright says:

welcome to my world

Charles Dunfield says:

There seem to be a growing number of people that think this coming week will be THE WEEK it all kicks off and just like DAVE says it all revolves around the FED meeting this Tuesday/Wednesday. Maybe a false flag, maybe a hoax,maybe a different type of event, maybe implosion of financial markets or all and everything as this is the week the PTB have chosen. We will see

Zionism is Terrorism says:

No matter how bad the US economy gets, or how much the federal debt grows, the paid shills (politicians) in DC will still send billions of US tax payer dollars to Zionist Israel, which is a state sponsor of terrorism.

thisishowwedoit1 says:

Silver and Gold won't be able to save you. Nor will stocking up 'food' save you. Why? Because GOD'S WRATH is Coming! Now you or others may not believe what I've just stated, but I'll show you what The Bible says will happen in the 'IMMEDIATE' future of this world. "Neither their silver nor their gold shall be able to deliver them in The Day of the LORD'S Wrath; but the Whole Land shall be Devoured by The FIRE of his jealousy" (Zephaniah 1:18)… Do you see that? World Wide NUCLEAR HOLOCAUST is Coming!!! Now if you or others don't believe in what The Bible says, then how about what the wicked elite are planning? Read Albert Pike's 3rd world war my friend. Now align that with the Georgia guidestones and the elite's 'underground' cites. And then turn on RT or Al Jazeera news and see how 'close' the world is to the START of nuclear war. FACTS! Lastly, for a book to be fake (as nonbelievers like to say), it sure does tell a whole lot about what's coming with 100% ACCURACY. "And they shall go into the holes of the rocks, and into the caves of the earth, for fear of the LORD, and for the glory of his majesty, when he ariseth to shake terribly the earth" (Isaiah 2:19)… Do you see that? The Bible tells us that the elite will go into holes in the rocks/caves of the earth. Can you say 'underground' cities??? Why? Because Nuclear War is Coming!!! This world is going to be Judged with FIRE!

UBe Racis' (UBeRacis') says:

They announced Dow Chemical and Dupont will merge today, result…another 12,000 jobs lost.

Richard Llewellyn says:

Well if you include manufactured consent as a job then…?

Richard Llewellyn says:

I was working this time last year, this year Christmas is canceled.

Justin Ratcliff says:

Kali Yuga fiat reality

Michael Acimovic says:

The Fed is raising the interest rate on 12/16/2015 and Star Wars is coming out on 12/18/2015. Hmmm!

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