The Plan to Destroy America’s Economy Exposed

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Alex Jones speaks with Alex Newman of about the ongoing climate conference in Paris France.

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John Roberts says:

When you get a Smog Check, the Carbon Dioxide levels will never fail your car!
It is actually only an Indicator of how well the Engine is running. I never could understand why they even measure the gas in the first place. For a smog tech the gas is only an indicator for diagnostics purposes!

ThePoopyboy11 says:

We DO eat too much meat. It is a widely known fact among nutritionists. We need to eat less red meat.

mike t says:

good luck with congress defunding this program..they wiil no t it..they are part and parcel to this wicked plan..

CrimsonCobalt says:

i hate the high pitch tone in the intros

Jack Murdoch says:

Any notion that the people of this country can stop the insanity of the US Government is stupid. We the people are merely observers and powerless.

GraffitiPhysical says:

The greatest threat is debt and the shenanigans of the Fed. Nobody is making sure there is any accountability. Even the heads of the Fed don't really know the stats. All I know for sure is the greatest threat to the free world is DEBT. The EU will collapse in the not too distant future due to the ballooning debt. Everything is being pushed back, but there will come a time the banks will fall like dominos. The climate change is a nature phenomena, yes, we don't have the capacity to change temperature. What about planting trees?

Pierre-Louis Parant says:

Cannot stand Arnold Hamburger. Sutch a peace of meat with low brains with all his positive BS. really funny Alex.

leo pic says:

collapse is coming , when exactly who knows, but is is prudent to have a stash of food , and other materials necessary to survive for a while , this is common sense , the time to prepare is now , you don,t have to go crazy with it but have something , be informed nothing wrong with that.

Digital Bullet says:

Didn't the Ancient Mayans and Egyptians use weather and the Sun to brainwash their followers,, History is just repeating itself ,, Brainwashing the public for control that's all this is,,

Ghost Cloud Music says:

Climate Change Conference?? Has the whole world has turned into a delusional CULT! This isn't science, this is practically a false religion becoming a one world religion in their eyes. Dare not speak against it, but bow to it! Don't kid yourselves people, they're not trying to save the planet, they're trying to ENsLave the planet!

But I digress, this all but amounts to a bunch of blowhard political leaders stroking themselves, while a whole line of lesser wealth country leaders are lining up willing to agree to anything that is going to line their pockets. These meetings amounted to nothing!!! Nothing but a waste of money on these leaders travelling and living it up on their self indulgences on the tax payer's dime. That piece of toilet paper will be scraped long before 2020 comes around!

Wind mills and Solar power??? Seriously, pleeease! At least attempt to sell us on some better technology that we know exists!! Not going backwards! Morons!

Roka says:

The fraud is not climate change as the climate is in a constant state of reactionary change, the real fraud is thinking that paying taxes will fix something that's not broken. Refuse to pay is the only way!

Roka says:

Yes you are ranting there are no real unbiased experts on climate change

Roka says:

If a volcano erupts will the country land owner have to pay carbon tax on the emissions

treon123456 says:


Michelle Alexander-Nolin says:

our weather and climate hasn't changed in over 20 years. Look up John Coleman and listen to what he says about it. They seriously believe we the people are completely stupid!! Now that people are starting to wake up they need to know how to help stop this shit!!!! Very frustrating!!!

Carol Veternick says:


paul mccummiskey says:

read the Stand your ground law in florida.. Then look at the section of that law where you are exempt from using the Stand your groundlaw or prosecution from immunity for use of deadly force.( verbal threat of force or violence). So if someone says that what you said was a threat not that it was a threat BUT that they perceived it as a threat. So anything in their IMAGINATIONS they are allowed to attack you and you are not allowed to defend yourself from them. So its HATE SPEECH if LIBERTARIANS say it its a threat but if the NWO lap dogs say it , it doesnt mean a thing.

Геннадий Горелик says:

before too long – We' will be taxed for breathing out carbon dioxide. (made this comment before 24;30 lol)
so will the globalist kill off all of the animals on the planet, so that they don't breath out carbon dioxide? because , they can't pay taxes.
We have psychopathic maniacs in power, i think there are fewer of them, why can't we lock them up and put them away?


I love how these conspiracy theories reflect how dumb people think smart people act.

"Hey, I'm King of the Illuminati. How do I keep my identity secret?"


"Ok great. Now how do I improve the economy?"


"This is definitely how everything works."

residentgrey says:

*hemp oil is better than petroleum.

residentgrey says:

hemp oil petroleum. Just grow it.


the phrase "conspiracy theory" was invented by the cia to label people that found out the truth. When i want to find out what is really going on i watch i refuse to watch tv and constantly be lied to… Just because i am label mentally ill does not mean i am not super intelligent. ha ha

Anthony Alexzander says:

Plan #1 to reduce co2, Liberals shut your mouths and stop breathing.

IJAbraham says:

Serfdom…Global Warming… Do not fund the totalitarian climate change agenda.

iggy pop says:

thanks for the great information,,,,

efirce says:

25yrs ago it was called global cooling, they were saying the earth was getting colder now its the opposite global warming. Its hard for me to see how gullible people are who don't use there mind to think for themselves. Does anyone think anymore or are we just mindless people now. None of this makes any sense. WAKE UP,WAKE UP QUIT SLEEPING. This is all fraud.

primatebehavior says:

If eliminating the use of Fossil Fuel were really the end-goal, I would applaud with both hands and feet. I'm afraid that is a just a front. Global warming or climate change ultimately are "non topics" or sidetracking everyone. Pollution, degradation of health conditions and the geo-political implications of Fossil Fuel and all things "chemically-destructive" (Big Pharma etc) however are.

On a positive front I sense that a paradigm shift in energetic approaches is taking place. InfoWars should also focus on that more and accept that Fossil Fuel, fracking and all that shit is not a direction that is conducive to Human "prosperity" in a survival sense.

The UN is not all "bad"" or all" good", it's a polarizing entity that can also have some positive impacts and that some people are trying to steer that way from the inside (I lie in Geneva and know such people). "Demonizing" anything by simplifying things is always.. well.. simplistic and thus not constructive. The "Simple Worldview", from any angle is not cutting it.

We are all "Globalists", there is no turning back in time. The question is how do we do it and what kind of globalist roadmap we are willing to put up with. Nationalism has its limits and we need to think "transversal".. for example I feel a looooot closer to people whose worldview includes renewable energy, entrepreneurship, pragmatic spirituality in the sense of recognizing our place in the EcoSystem and looking for the beauty in it.. with people like Nassim Haramein to name one, or supporting the development of companies like TeslaMotors, or architects like Domespace etc etc. I think there is hope, and we need to think that way so as to not become a suicidal species.. which is already happening on many levels. Cynicism and Fear cannot elevate us, nor can Teletubby-Safespace-whiny leftists certainly :0)

k0ld 0wn says:

he is a true rebel.. flip phoning a broadcast!

Explicit Tech says:

Alex, don't talk about video games. You don't know shit about the genres or the culture.

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