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This guy’s so good at math, he straight up kills it.

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2015 Don’t matter what year it is I fuckin’ murder Math
I’m the best Mathematician
I fucking Love Math, Algebra, Geometry-
Calculus, Differentials, and Trigonemetry.
I fucking murder Math, Every night in my basement. I got proof to deduce my Mathematical statements
Teacher put your chalk down, Students write your work out. I Murder Math every way, higher than Archimedes counts
I don’t call it Homework, I call it Homefun. Pythagorean Theorem.
My outcomes are awesome,
You’re the one with Math Problems

I murder math. (Isosceles Triangles)
Straight up murder math. (Theorems)
I stick a knife in math. (Square Roots)
Slit the throat of math.
29 Times 2 is 58. (Dumbass)

Callin out famous math geniuses to the decimal.
Compared to me, Every Mathematician’s infinitesimal.
Father of Computers was Charles Babbage.
Fucking Uninvent Computers,
I do your shit on an abacus.
Einstein while you’re here why don’t you stick to Science.
E equals MC Who Cares,
I’m a Math Lion.
Galileo, Galileo, Galileo. Figure it out.
Ya stole your shit from Euclid, I’ll Math yer fuckin’ teeth out.

Carl Freidrich Gauss,
You make me wanna Math Puke.
If you’re the Prince of Math, I’m the Motherfucking Archduke.
Pythagoras, Pascal, Gottfried von Liebniz
You dirty rascals can git down on deez nutz.
If Rene Descartes is the Father of Geometry,
I’m his fucking Math Dad On the Math Family Tree.
Everything’s Math to me, I’m a Math Monolith.
Every word in my mouth’s Math,
I’m a fuckin’ Mathsmith!

I murder math. (Algebra II)
Straight up murder math. (Parallelograms)
I stick a knife in math. (Sine, Cosine and Tangent)
Slit the throat of math. (63 divided by 9 is 7)

63 divided by 7 is 9


Writer: Eric Moneypenny (‪
Executive Producer: Samantha Scharff
Director: JC Wegman
Music: David Schmoll
Voice: David Schmoll
Producer: Steve Shin
Storyboard Artist: JC Wegman
Lead Animators: Josh Kim
Animation: Kaishu Menella, Carol Scarbrough, Forrest Norris, Kevin Inciong
Lead Designers: Raye Rodriguez, Megan Willoughby, Joanna Johnen
Design: Mary Nash, Kaishu Menella
Editor: Leroy Patterson
Animation Coordinator: Arielle Martorana
Digital Project Manager: Stu Fullerton


© 2015 Fox Broadcasting Company


Mario Jacobus.m.l says:

dude did you thing your the math tree!!!?? well solve this!
p.s and if you think you can use calculator or google you will die

HattyHatz says:

I think I was the only one offended by the Einstein one…

Theng Yew Yong says:

math = mental abuse to humans :/

MikeLo Genious says:

I got 99 Problems and Math ain't 1 !!!

Lucy Lydia says:

and I hate math. I FUCKING MURDER IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lucy Lydia says:

this is creepy and awesome!

David Lengel says:

Why is 6 afraid of 7?

Because 7 was recently released from prison after murdering every other digit between 1 and 10 and knows where 6 lives. Yep.

Mandy L. says:

I suck at math and I still get thid

Hayabusa ichizoku says:

What about ratios

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