Human Anatomy and Medicine – Documentary

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Human Anatomy and Medicine – Documentary

Bill Nye takes us through some of the most important discoveries in medicine throughout our history, Like Andreas Vesalias digging up bodies by cover of night to dissect and learn about our anatomy, or how we learned about the operations of the heart.


Mrlolibre says:

Science or Religion, which one should I choose?

littlesurgeonhere says:

OMG its Bill Nye!!

composs says:

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Unsteady_ Sumon says:

Very help full to my kids. They are students of medicine. Most of their difficulties  relating to their Anatomy vanidhed. 
Thank you u tube.

Phone Guy says:

… Processing Holly crapp BILL NYE THE SCINCE GUY

Saleem Klasra says:

Very help full to my kids. They are students of medicine. Most of their difficulties relating to their Anatomy vanidhed.
Thank you u tube. 

Varibyss13 says:

I just like how the one professor was talking to Bill Nye like he was an idiot. Lady it's Bill Nye, shut the fuck up

Ricky-Ann Lynch says:


Kumori AnimeCovers says:


DeRevolutionary says:

I hate when documentaries lie, the science is amazing but the origins are not "western or European", surgery was going on in islamic arab states way before Europe knew about it, and china had understanding of the human anatomy before any renaissance. Some people think the renaissance was this great age of intellectuals, when it actually was the great age Europe catched up with other intellectuals in china and Arab states and other regions.

Azifah Ahmed says:

my favoured science show is the Bill Nye the science guy

Double Ghod says:

I am glad that Bill Nye The Jerk Off Guy was displayed in the first five seconds. This way I only wasted 5 seconds of my life. Good bye, Bill Nye, don't sigh, you fucking ham on rye. 

Nenad Milosevic says:

Roentgen did not discover X rays, Nikola Tesla did.

Byron Captain says:

pretty long :|

Alexander Mishtenkov says:

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lily miller says:

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Chu Kim says:

Bill Nye the science guy. I remember that show. There was another show too, I don't remember the name, featuring a mad scientist type of guy who was the main host, and this other guy with a goatee in a rat costume.

The Happy Face King says:


Constance Parent says:

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Joseph Lee says:

Dr. Gallo is a fruit cake, a fake as well. That's will I stop watching.

Ainsley Lauder says:


Weitao Chen says:

20141204 great documentary!

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