Gerald Celente: Why the Global Economy is About to Crash! & Russia-Turkey showdown

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Gerald Celente: Why the Global Economy is About to Crash! & Russia-Turkey showdown
Gerald Celente joins the show to break down his trends forecast for 2016 and the showdown between Russia and Turkey & Economic Future


Elvis Jonesus says:

I was starting to feel too cheerful. A few minutes of Gerald fixed that.

yaahme says:

BRAVO Alex and Gerald ! !
This is one of the most spot on discussions on the insanity going on in the world. We the people have psychopaths at the helms of power who are trying to subvert all that is good and right in the world and absolutely contrary to the point of being guilty of TREASON according to the US Constitution ! ! !
Get the straight jackets out and long ropes with nooses to put the path straight as these few psychopaths cannot be allowed to continue their insanity. Worse part is, these freaks have nukes…

gary burns says:

Look at silver .  Look at Prems on silver.  In 1999 when I bought some silver eagles and Prems were $2 each, and Morgan Dollars were $1, now silver dollars are an extra $11.50 prem.  Which proves silver should be at least $24 an ounce and I think that is still low.

gary burns says:

I think Alex has a great show, always interesting.  I found out about Alex on Coast to Coast AM.  Same with Mr. Celente.   I don't agree with everything said, but who does?  I just want to say great job. I really admire what you have built. I really like that you developed products.  Your a great example of how you build a business and become successful.

gary burns says:

Russia is an equal   opportunity bomber.

Tuan Nguyen says:

Great video. Thank you!

Pedro Marcos says:

"They have no end game", Celente says. Trend analist… sure.

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