Eurobond saga intrigues, Raila denies claims that he is sabotaging the economy

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CORD leader, Raila Odinga dismissed assertions by the President that the allegations he has been making about misuse of the proceeds of the Eurobond are sabotaging the country’s economy.

Odinga said it was the duty of the opposition to question government spending, and that he will not relent until the government publishes a list of development projects that received funding from the Eurobond kitty.

Andrew Ochieng’ had the details.

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mcmagicx says:

Man can somebody finally just show the projects funded

Mkenya Halisi says:

Where is the money Uhuru…tell us or shush!

Petro Jenkins says:

odinga always going after self serving causes.He proved nothing in the petition and he has nothing to prove his shitty claims now.

African Arts says:

Yes Where is the money it would be very easy to show where the money went if it was legit.

Phillip Mc says:

The corrupt Wetangula is the sole saboteur of the economy. :D

n!mik says:

…he who alleges the money was well spent must prove that they did. Agwambo I stand with you

Archer Muko says:

Raila keep helping Kenyans!

nyakundi cyprian says:

Raila is a genius .

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