TL;DR – JJTalkz Doesn’t Understand Biology

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The lack of understanding of science is so real it makes me CRIIIINNGGGGEEE.

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Andorgen insensitivity:

Baby boy or girl?

XXX, XXY, XYY, X0, Y0:

Secondary Sex characteristics:


chrisforester777 says:

This information makes you never want to see a doctor again for fear they may be some kind of male hater. With this knowledge (that just anyone can receive), God knows what things the medical profession is actually experimenting on with on patients.

Nunn Yah'Bixniz says:

Just… just wow. The idiocracy is in full swing…

Gabriel Anderson says:

And so is how the world ends, not with a bang, but a trigger

robert Champion says:

How to define the lady's argument in two words:

"Hi Genitals!"

TMK687 says:

Why do SJW and feminist YouTubers always have creepy fairy music in the background?

Dr G. Semen says:

I'm afraid, VERY afraid, that these kinds of vloggers are the one's that quite a few choose to listen to instead of eg biology teachers. Bet then again – religions must get 'em while they're young.

Ashema Bahumat says:

Overly condescending asshole who knows his shit and has to dick around with feminist youtubers… I like this guy, lol.

Brian L says:

Wait. I missed the entire video. I heard her actually say that biological sex was a social construct and had an aneurysm.

Strado2217 says:

Its called the wild-type. In this scenario, it refers to the typical, functioning gender combination (XX/XY) that occurs in humans.

Scientifically, everything that deviates from the wild-type, is classified as a mutant. This is applicable to all genotypic and phenotypic variation that can possibly occur. If you are Lactose intolerant, for instance, you are wild-type, as the respective gene displays the correct regulation at set-stages in your life cycle (that's right, you cheese-loving mutants, you are genetically deviant from the norm).

Essentially, this crazy SJW is denying the scientific fact that humans are anisogamous. We have two genders, producing two distinct gametes, that fuse to form a single zygote. Sex-chromosome mutants (as TL;DR pointed out) are in the overwhelming majority of cases unable to contribute to reproduction via conventional means. They cannot contribute to the diversity of our species in subsequent offspring, which is the inherent purpose of gender!

creeperslayer241 says:

Okay, so this isn't exactly relevant to the video but i thought it best to comment on this video before i forget to do it on another. After looking around in my school for about 10 minutes its easy to notice how much it is being influenced by modern feminism. Throughout the school we have posters that talk about domestic violence. That's good right? well not when it only makes the woman the victim and the man the constant aggressor, not only this but videos in PSE, personal social education, class that do the same. Most recently in PSE we were shown two videos on rape and sexual violence. These videos did the same thing, making woman the only victims and men the only committers, but also did it through false and misleading statistics that you,TL:DR, have dis-proven in your previous videos. Since i am me and actually have my own mind i decided to voice my objections to the things said in the video such as ,as said in the video, flirting not being consent. I said that it was, or at least implying, consent and of course i got major backlash from the girls in my class which is 90% of my class. I know that in the week coming someone in the school will have heard of this and someone will dare to even mutter the words 'rape apologist' when talking about me behind my back. Let's see how much the situation gets escalated by next week shall we?

Adam Miller says:

My brain hurts.

TomatoBreadOrgasm says:

I don't want to seem like I'm making a shameless plug, but this is actually relevant: I provided a quick genetic explanation for this "fetuses start as female" myth here:

theproplady says:

In SJW-land, polarized gender roles are seen as a liability. This is because SJW behaviors thrive in a resource rich environment (like the one we have now) , and in that kind of environment there's no need for men to fight over food and resources, so masculine aggression becomes a liability. There's also no need for women to lock down a provider to feed her children, so enticing, feminine behaviors don't need to be adopted. (Women are also often left to raise children on their own, so they tend to adopt masculine behaviors so they can perform the role of both mother and father.) This is pure r-selection at work. If an area's resources restrict for any reason, people there will tend to adopt more traditional, gender polarized roles, since those roles create a division of labor that allows for maximum survival chances in a savage, non-technology-assisted environment.

So basically, what's happening in the world today is that resource abundance is causing kids to drift into gender-blended behaviors and said kids are inventing a bunch of gobbledegook explanations to justify these behaviors, (since they don't have much of an idea what is happening and humans haven't really evolved to deal with this yet.) Also, self-absorption and Narcissism have hit new heights thanks to social media, and many kids adopt gender fluidity as a way to distinguish themselves from all of the other poor college-debt-laden, "living at home with their parents" Tumblr strivers.

Patrick Baandrup says:

TL;DR There are men and there are women, and if you mix them you get freaks.

Krampar Silverleaf says:

Just before i start watching this video, as a medical biologist. i hope this is gonna entertain me :P

GunbladeKnight says:

I'd be fine with being called herpes :^)

jonathan de graaff (lolmaker48) says:

wait, so if I follow her logic, and I get kicked in the balls, what makes me unable to produce sperm, does that make me a 3 sex?

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