The Straight Truth About Trading Forex

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This Video is not about strategies or signals. This is just the truth about trading Forex for a living, for individuals that have dreams about the glamour and the glory of becoming an every day 50 pips kind of trader. My goal is to encourage those to “earn the right” to be successful as a day trader in the currency markets.


Luis Salinas says:

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eyeswideshut says:

There's nothing to learn here. People, move along.

RapidReader4 says:

Cool thanks for the video. I am in my beginning stages of learning to trade Forex. I am signed up at Babypips and I am working my way through the lessons and also I am trading on a Forex demo account. I want to be a trader I think. Like you said in the video, it may take a couple of years to really get it down. I wish I could have it down right now, but from the trades I have been doing this is a tougher than I thought but I feel like I lose sight of the end game sometimes (when I lose). Everything is progress. I hope I can get to where I can trade for a living or find something just as good if I can, like you've done. Thanks again.

Sophisticated One says:

i've been 8 years now trading forex and i tell you guys it's easy but not that easy .

Miriama Mae says:

Hello Laurence, just watched your video and it has given me good advice and Inspiration, I know nothing about trading but i am willing to learn. Where there's a will theirs a way.
Thank you.

Kyle Stevens says:

Thanks for the video, Laurence. I'm new to Forex and I would really like to make it my profession. I was getting a bit down on myself and I needed a bit of a pick me up. Thanks again.

Owen Chase science channel says:

when I pick a stock I don't want to pick one that is dead and has not been moving for months, how do I pick one that is moving by the hour and the day and even by the minute so I can make quick trades?

Madison McGuire says:

Very Nice of you to encourage … Yes! it requires knowledge… However, I am so grateful… that you have posted this…

The Day Traders Club says:

Day trading is easy.

rbxyz says:

thank you for your input signed pipsqueek

TAOofJAZ says:

Thanks Law! I appreciate the knowledge!

Mike Kleinsteuber says:

"The truth about trading forex" ? Give me a break.

intellectualme5000 says:

Thanks for the LOVE Laurence! Please share which Prop Trading firm you chose to go with and if you are consistently profitable?

Timescope says:

I was doing it for around 9 month but just like a hole in my pocket, gave up in the end.
I really did enjoy trading as-well. Was not meant to be a suppose.

DJ Shadwell says:

7:07 is the best quality advice i've heard yet.

DJ Shadwell says:

7:07 is the best quality advice i've heard yet.

Casey Graham says:

Ay what happened to the vid mann

eddyvideostar says:

Laurence: Do you just trade Forex or other vehicles? I find that utilizing popular vehicles as, Forex and Futures, where people are going to gravitate toward these, as, Crude oil, Gold, S&P minis, Euro/Dollar, etc. I believe will leave the markets ripe for manipulation as retail will see a particular set of indicators and act upon these, while the professionals or institutions with resources will just pull the plug at an inopportune time.

Will not the brokers be aware and take advantage of retails trading patterns over and over again on the same vehicle?

Hanuman Neti Neti Singh says:

Thank you Brother for you honesty and for sharing.

Tiffani H says:

Thank you for this video. Does anyone know which simulators are the best for Forex?

Pramod bulath says:

I read lots of superb opinions on the net about how Trabeplom System (look on google search engine) can help you get tons of money. Has any one tried this popular secrets?

kitsoyaone phatudi says:

I am aged 22 and want to make millions. Thank you for the advise of not making any trade with my money until i get to understand what is it exactly that i am doing as i was about to do the exact mistake with the thought of figuring out the game during the course of time. thank you Sir.

Louis Omos says:

thanks,  your video was encouraging and helpful personaly. iam new to forex and still trying, craking my head all day and nigth to understand it.but i have that big feeling that i was born to trade in the forex. without leaving my home.what a confort will it be to actually making money with your pijamas on.

Steve Noblin says:

Auto watch it careful!

Steve Noblin says:

It's possible but you have to be fast on your feet. After market hours you have to know what you are looking at.

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