Mitosis: Splitting Up is Complicated – Crash Course Biology #12

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Hank describes mitosis and cytokinesis – the series of processes our cells go through to divide into two identical copies.

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Table of Contents
1. Mitosis 0:24
2. Interphase 3:27
a) Chromatin 3:37
b) Centrosomes 3:52
3) Prophase 4:14
a) Chromosomes 4:18
b) Chromatid 4:31
c) Microtubules 5:07
4) Metaphase 5:22
a) Motor Proteins 5:36
5) Biolography 6:13
6) Anaphase 9:00
7) Telophase 9:15
8) Cleavage 9:25
9) Cytokinesis 9:36

This video contains the following sounds from
“Swishes.wav” by Pogotron
“Opening Scotch Whisky.mp3” by Percy Duke

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Scholes “The PROcrastinator” IO says:

Here's my favourite pneumonic for mitosis (and meiosis):

I Poo Myself At The Cinema

Alex Thomas says:

whats happening with all the other organelles in a cell during this process?

Francesca Gill says:

this might save my university bio semester hahaha

Raghad lyfe says:

why he isn't my tutor :((((

Lily Castle says:

Just discovered this channel and it basically saved me and my entire biology class as well. Thank you!!

Luke Montgomery says:

Identical twin right here!!

Dean Ferraro, EA says:

I have a BS in Biology, now I do taxes and make $$$. Biologists fresh out of college make around $15-20/hr unless you have a phD, then you get to make $70,000. SOOO, be careful taking out big student loans, it might take awhile to pay back, unless you can do some self-mitosis and have your clone go to work too.

stylesgubler says:


sherina Mponji says:

He talks to much he should get right to the point and make it easier

lauren ! says:

I'm an identical twin haha but I'm on here b/c BIO test tomorrow!

Mayaa Kannan says:

talk slowly Hank

Scottington666 says:

Interphase-Prophase-Metaphase-Anaphase-Telophase…I-P-M-A-T…I Peed on a Mat.
This is how I remember the correct order.

strflyr78 says:

identical twin here

Andynator024 says:


Inayah Cee says:

Got a bio test in 2 days. Braces self for all-nighter studying

Quantisity says:

Welcome back to another episode of cramming with Crash Course!

Kelly Shields says:

i would like to personally thank this episode for saving my grade

George Maalouf says:

Is it not prophase is the longest of mitosis?

MissSweatpants I says:

I am an identical twin!!!!

Zack Price says:

This is actually my homework

Nicolas Gleason-Boure says:

Is anyone here who doesn't have a test and is just interested in biology?

Wei Shin Tan says:

nice video

Nina Kucheran says:

this video saved me literally

iono101 says:

I've learned this over and over again. I've already graduated with a BS in Human Biology but I still forget it lol. I hate cell division.

Imani Love says:

Kiss me now

medina lormejuste says:

Very helpful

master6339 says:

I was so confused by the use of the word chromosome to describe both the chromosome and the dual chromosomeThis puzzled me for so many weeksgood thing I learned 4 hours before my mid term

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