How To Build An Online Business in 2015

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About Glendon Cameron Founder of Hustler’s Kung Fu

Well, I have not had a job since 2000. Did six almost seven years in the Army and traveled around the world. That is the regular stuff, there is more but we will talk about that later. Now to the better stuff. I have sold online in some capacity for the last two decades ( eBay, Craigslist, and Amazon) was the bulk of the first decade. For the last seven years, I have sold my books, courses, and services. I like the second decade much better. The first company was Conundrum Media ( publishing company) for the book business. Oddly enough I always wanted a book deal but once I got into the business of publishing and selling books, I turned down not one but two book deals. Yes, it is nice to be courted but the numbers did not make sense. I was making more on my own imprint than what they offered me.

I am about to tell you a story. On a hot summer day, I made a decision to become a writer. Being a writer and becoming a writer are vastly different. That is the genesis of hustler’s kung fu, becoming something to be – the first law in hustling is action is the greatest truth there is. Being something is active and becoming something is all about action. That is what life is made of moments of action or being sedentary- which is not good for your mind or body.

So how does this help you?

Let’s go back to 2009. I was standing in the same shoes as you are right now. That space of wanting something but not knowing how to get it. I wanted to be a writer. I wanted to have online presence. At the time, all of my experience was in the reselling arena. From new furniture to gorilla l suits I sold it all, that was my comfort zone. A spot in my life that was not going to serve me well with my new desires. This is the part that helps you. I learned how to learn. I taught myself how to write, publish a book. From those experiences, I learned how to produce videos. Then create courses and provide services. That is the secret sauce it does not matter where you are now. With a goal, a plan, effort and executing like a motherfucker you can get what you earn out of life. I can teach you this and more.

After the decision within a few months, I had a blog, a book, and a YouTube channel. Remember like you I wanted something different but the process to get there was not clear. So I created a process and through trial and error made it work. The first book did better than expected, kind of knocked me into a new reality. After years of selling the products of others, I now was selling my stuff, and I tell you the feeling is fucking nice. The boost to your self-esteem is something I want you to experience.

Hustler’s Kung Fu Membership – all courses present and future courses/ – $$699.99

Founder and Chief Kung Fu Developer

Glendon Cameron



your quality is very good on this video

out the box says:

good lecture

Kemet Trill says:

i absolutely cosign "EXECUTION" thats the 1st thing I learned no matter how great the idea I had or product was when I poorly executed my business would flop. The idea that products just sells itself is a misnomer.

cauwel3 says:

Watching your videos the last couple of days. Great advice. No way to get around hard work.

Ivan Allen says:

Brilliant Concepts , this dude is fuxking awsome

Lance Fallin says:

I don't know what the hell I'm doing, haha, but I have done Flea Market sales for years. I have products with a track record of making me at least $200/month just farting around, but that's face to face sales. My big question for me is: How do I bring this to the online world? Glendon Cameron you are at least getting me to look at things differently, but bear with me, I am a slow learner (or, at least I think I am).

Raheim McCoy says:

keep pushing bro, I appreciate these messages, I have learned a lot of stuff not to do off the mistakes  you said you have encountered and etc.  once I get to the number I'm expecting a month, I promise to pay my respects and pass on the information  that helped me,   wish you nothing but success in your future endeavors. Thanks for the knowledge.

Cash Cow King says:

Here's a powerful and immediately profitable Network Marketing opportunity that requires no money and no credit. Enjoy! (Be sure to use my link so I can get credit for the referral! Thanks!)

SuperPhdiva says:

Everyone doesn't have talent or skill…I discovered I didn't after college.

Douglas Napier says:

I think you might want to add a point of figuring out why the failures flopped, and don't make the same mistakes. Remember Einsteins definition of insanity…Doing the same thing, and expecting a different result.

Matthew Stansberry says:

How do you find out about ow much UBER is wort? What is your source. The reason why I ask about this, is that I've heard so much about UBER, yet I've failed to have meet anyone who has used their service. thanks and keep up the great work

thomas daniels says:

GC you keep bringing it, now I need to focus so I can work full time online!!


vertical vita says:

you remind me "chef" of south park

ConsciousUniversity says:

The absolute truth!

Aura Gael says:

This video answered a question I was actually planning to ask you…one thing or lots. 🙂 Now I know. Thank you. It's been tough when I have at least one idea everyday. 😀

I do have another question though: When you talk about "failing the first few times" are you referring to the concept or the execution?

scottschannel1 says:

Im not sure what you did differently but the video quality on this one is outstanding, thank you !

Roberta Olson says:

Just wanted to say thanks and keep pumping out the videos. 

franchisejr15 says:

Hey man a lot of your videos lately have been saying "not available in this country" and I live in the U.S. Just letting you know if your views have dipped that's why

James Coakley says:

I have finally found an online business idea that is a little unique and has me fired up. It will take a lot of work but I put together a well thought out business plan and I have started executing it. Love your videos but I see a possibility of it reaching a certain point in growth where I might have to pay for your consulting to take it to the next level. Until then, I have some work to do.

New Future Builder says:

I used think it would be simple too…leaped at every internet money making program possible. My focus has since changed thankfully and I'm not chasing the golden penny anymore.

Mark Groleau says:

Your videos just keep getting better, shorter I enjoy the older ones that are longer. but your new ones are spot on and great

Mark Groleau says:

Got it! Follow through! 

Sadie Baldwin says:

Love your videos!!! 

David DeRoche says:

I found that when I do the work I make the money, it comes down to at least for me just doing it. I love ebay!!

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