Hamilton, Rosberg and Vettel Receive 2015 Trophies

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Lewis Hamilton gets his hands on the F1 championship trophy for the third time at the annual FIA prize-giving, as Nico Rosberg and Sebastian Vettel also pick up their awards for finishing second and third.

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Ethan Roebuck says:

2013- everyone hates Vettel because he wins so much. 2015- everyone loves Vettel because they're tired of Mercedes doing exactly what Vettel did for almost 5 years and because he's with ferrari

AyrtonHamilton2785 says:

Also shout out to Nico Rosberg who is nearly equal in terms of fastest driver on grid with Ham and Vet

AyrtonHamilton2785 says:

It's funny how people hated Vettel especially Ferrari fans while he was at Red Bull.

Now all of a sudden, Vettel is the best and can do no wrong. Fickle fans…smh

At the end of the day, while Hamilton has NEVER been destroyed by a teammate, he is not perfect nor any driver.

The top three drivers in the sport remain in no particular order…Vettel, Alonso, Hamilton

Ricciardo definitely was underwhelming against Dani K. this past season. My most underrated driver on the grid is Sergio Perez. Hulkenberg is not better than him, and Perez has proved when he uses his head he can be a podium finisher.

Lastly, props to young Max

Adam Raja says:

F1 I might be a test driver and a development driver and warning I am really good at Silverstone so watch out for me and I am horible at monaco

securityman1960 says:

I think its very sad that shamilton can not be bothered to wear a tie and bring the childish and selfish attitude to such a prestigious event

Thomas Nixon says:

The best current F1 driver (not necessarily the outright fastest now, but the best) wasn't in this video. . Rosberg is a tight ass who just can't hide the chip on his shoulder. Hamilton is the good PR man who generally says the right things. Vettel is a class act, a young, irreverent, fun and funny, wit that is always a great interview. The best, Fernando Alonso, is usually a pain-in-the-ass interview. But– he is, hands down, the best.

CivilHamster says:

Maldonado will win next year, Im calling it right now ;)

5950ziel says:

Everyone seems to have forgotten about Vettel during his time in Red Bull.

TaS FN says:

I love this. 2 years ago everyone hated Vettel. Now, everyone thinks he's a nice guy, and want him to win, oh how the team matters. (RBR fan)

jeanclaudeM100 says:

Lewis Hamilton Legend!
Hammertime 2016

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