Best Forex Trading Strategies That Work

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Forex trading strategies that work – as a trader you can do this in 3 simple steps. One of the best Forex trading strategies that really works.

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Salvatore Andolini says:

Great Video thanks, quick question, for techniques like this which chart is the most appropriate the 5 min, 15 min or the 1 hr.

teycir bensoltane says:

Neat, logical.

jhon w says:

I read Plenty of great reviews on the net about how exactly trabeplom system ( do a search on google ) will help you get a lot of money, has any one tried using this popular system?

Cat Hill says:

Great video. thank you

John Palmer says:

Thanks Barry,
This makes sense especially the second example as if the three candles are added together it becomes a hangman with a large upper wick. Have to watch for this in the future – John

Serhiy Bokancha says:

very good video! Barry I am a student of yours and I love the way you teach! every material is so structured, solid and simple.. the last one is very important! I am proud to have such a great teacher and mentor ) Thank you Barry!

Francesca Freydefont says:

Thank you for this short but interesting video. I have two questions: 1. Would this still apply to trading other instruments than forex ? 2. for the 2nd example is the presence of the doji candle in between the green and red candle crucial for this to be interpreted as a short signal or would it still be a short signal even without the middle neutral candle?


Interesting. I was under the impression , for the second example, you could go long once the bar closes above resistance. I learned from this the formation of 3 bars patterns . The question is when does one enter long after the bar closes past resistance? Jean

Carol Capner says:

Simplicity rather than difficulty is what I like.
You showed and explained this very well.
I have used your 2nd example many times and have in general, been extremely successful.

I only trade Foerex.

Revenge of Randall Flag says:

Dr B you are the greatest. I am willing to listen to you every time.

Dan Krueger says:

Great content here! But in many vids, as in this one, the sound is poor and does not blend in well with the superb information. Some of your vids I turned off, because the sound was so distorted and hurting my ears, hard to understand. Please adjust all technical stuff so it meet your high information standards, thanks.

Ellis Russell says:

Lovely video, but as usual these guys only tell us half of the story. He doesn't tell us what we should look for preceding us making this move, doesn't tell us where we should place stops or take profits. If we took this trade like he says we would still be losing money, because he's not telling us the whole reason why we should take the trade.

Mohd Abbas says:

Barry Thanks very well presented the 3 steps strategies

Don Clugston says:

I like the video but the sound quality is terrible with lots of humming in background. I have noticed this on many of your recent videos. Too bassy and to much hum makes it very difficult to understand.

Ray Zerafa says:

Thanks Barry. Brilliant as always. Very well presented. I'm going to look out for this set up in future.
Ray Zerafa

carlos sieiro says:

Thank you very much for these videos, there are very useful.

Nanak Mehta says:

Excellent analysis. Eye opening for sure.

Barbara Fong says:

Thank you for the clear explanation and not just using terminology that assumes prior knowledge.

Michael Deschenes says:

Dr. Barry always delivers value with his videos. Thank you Dr Barry for another great lesson.

Rick Najjar says:

This is the first time I've seen someone describe EXACTLY the slight price action that extends past a S/R level.  Well done Barry!

Pablo Bailey says:

This is an excellent presentation, Thanks so very much

Frank Rogantin says:

Hi Barry, Thanks for the clear and insightful video.One question… on these setups, would you ever consider entering at the market once you see the setup emerging or would you always put limit or stop order?

Charlie Bray says:

Hi Barry, Many thanks for this video – really helpful. I would love you to do a video on charting provider options, particularly those suitable for macs. I cannot believe that mac is still deemed not worthy of inclusion by many providers. Best, Charlie

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