Web Design Pricing and Contracts

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http://www.mlwebco.com – In this video I share my advice on web design pricing and contracts.


Pap McShnap says:

You don't take a non-refundable deposit ahead of time?! Have you ever not been paid?

Yudi Moszkowski says:

As a designer do you have the responsiblilty on making email forms for the client if they want

Kalina Edwards (Ever Changing Kalina) says:

Thank you so much for this vid. I am just starting out and dont have much experience at all. So saying around $250 is not too bad. I like that. Because i actually charged a client $100 for his one page website. Which i thought was fair since he is my first client. And i have no proof of a live website yet. So thank you. 

Linn Andersen says:

Thanks for sharing. This is a very important topic :)

Ideology Design says:

Mike, I have a legitimate question.

If I'm a student that just graduated from a web design school & I'm just starting out, only done one website for a client, but worked on a few of my own projects how do I price this? I'd like to charge hourly, as I feel it would be the best bang for my buck – however since I'm new I still come across problems from time to time and I need time to debug and review code/make modifications and improvements – sometimes this takes a while but it would feel dishonest to charge someone hourly when sometimes it's just me debugging or problem solving my own code. How do I go about a solution to this problem?

Larrys mlmtips says:

Your own video is crystal clear and factual upon this theme. Pretty helpful video recording concerning Website design.

Roxanne Reyes says:

Mike awesome website!  If I'm starting out as a web designer and write up a contract with a client, do you require half the payment up front and the rest later?  I just don't want to get ripped off and feel mad afterwards.  What's your opinion about contracts?

OldeFarquer says:

NEVER say 'unlimited' in a contract… EVER.

Kevin Duddy says:

Do you use digital signatures with contracts or do you print it out and have your customer sign it?

susan mather says:

Hi Michael. Great vid blogs, yet would sure like it if you'd respond to some of the comments from subscribers, for all to see. Thanks. Sue

Vibe Kat says:

Hey mike, would you increase the price if the customer asks for different language options and a cms?

Sean Jamshidi says:

like your videos, but you never lower your price offer just to get the job, you only lower your price only and only when the job deliverables are lowered.

mnj331 says:

I'm in the process of getting my associates degree in web development/design and once I get it, I want to get into freelancing. How do I start out? How do I get clients? Is it tough to start out and is it tough to make enough money to live comfortably when you first start?

Rahul Praharaj says:

being a stater how to approach to potential clients for projects…please can you help mw eith all the details..from scratch….you can mail me in rahul.metallica@gmail.com…thnx

xMissJoCx says:

I was wondering if you have a video or could make a future video about dealing with clients who request too many 'changes' or amendements throughout the design and development process.

Dreighen says:

Right now I have a guy who owns the local gym I attend. I approached him to redesign their site, he agreed. He wants to exchange personal training for a redesign, and I'm for it. But I think I'm going to tell him he'll only receive a basic design for that exchange, but if he wants it include money then we can do more on the design. What do you think?

Francisco Alvarenga Rua says:

Great to see you talking about pricing for someone who's starting up, thanks

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