Mister Lies – False Astronomy (Official Video)

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Animated by: Nick Torres
Mister Lies
False Astronomy


Amelia Opazo Urzua says:

dopeeee dope dope doppppe

Razan Negm says:

The beginning sounds exactly like the music in Spirited Away

Alfonso Quintero II says:

gahh so good

Wolf Lover says:

I can't describe the feeling when i'm listening this :3 #Chill

imakemusique says:

This is the type of music that connects. After all we are just atoms that vibrate in relation to each other 🙂 I wish more off my friends enjoyed this type off music as I believe it is important for our understanding off life (yes I believe music is that powerful).

83kayaman says:

Pretty hypnotic with t.h.c

Ground Work Media says:

Yh man the animation sick

yaya tralalaa says:

Such a nice & peaceful track, & a nice video as well, take you to the stars *° * * °° * thxxx

Benjamin Sahuc says:

Spirited Away Piano Chords, Transposed a little bit lower. Classy Sample !

Logan says:

My shitty ass earphones don't do this song justice and I apologize.


You know it's really hard not to spriral into deppression knowing all of the atrocities man has done to itself. listing to this genre of music helps me escape the pain I feel in my heart. The first time I cried tears of joy the first time tried LSD because I was able to observe a beauty in the world that had been lost to me for a long time.

Davy Cs Britain says:

is the vocal joni mitchell?

Diana Maryorie says:

This video and this song just made me cry, I love space and feel such a pasion for astronomy

lacey littlelight says:

why is this song so darn beautiful ❤

Reneta Hristova says:


OG Blizzy says:

robotussin goes great with this

Tatiana Zimin says:

I did MDMA for the first time and listened to this, and literally was the euphoric most relaxed and open minded person in the world. It was something no words could describe.

chloé cree says:

what does it mean with "the music is not the truth" at the beginning of this video?

Suki Tunes says:

Really deep, tune gets you thinking :)

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