LED vs 1000W Double-Ended HPS Medical Cannabis Grow Test

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We are testing the top rated LED fixture vs the top rated 1000W double-ended HPS fixtures at our Medical Cannabis grow in Northern California. We are 4 weeks into the flowering stage, and we are comparing the BML SPYDR 1200 vs the Gavita, ePapillon, and Phantom DE HPS fixtures. We will post updates after harvest. We did a lot of homework before we purchased these lights, and we could not find any head-to-head comparison tests. Hence, I hope our video is helpful to anyone considering these systems.


chris c says:

how many weeks you taking them 8 cant wait to see the results!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Matt Cameron says:

gavitas cannot be put closer led FTW way more dense and higher resin production. 

dozo says:

HPS does much better is a full room with overlapping lights. LED does much better in a confined space, but only provides top lighting. You should compare two large rooms instead of rows for a good comparison. Walls will be the only thing that will cost you a lot of light, and the HPS systems are installed near the walls. Also ask the manufacturers for a lighting plan for the best positioning and uniformity, because your current uniformity sucks ;)

Jordy Kingston says:

Hi great to see a comparison video on some of the base best lighting available.
Please take into major consideration the coverage of each light. Because as you show the 1000w DE fixtures cover more area and that is why you have put them by a reflective wall. This is important as the amount of plants per light you could have in a bigger area is important to mention.

Also have to say I own two gavita pros that I run in a 2.4mx1.2mx2.4m grow tent and I think 36 inches for the distance from the canopy whether recommended or not is excessive. I have mine 30inches at the most away and when it comes to PAR readings 6inches can make a big difference.
I run 3 oscillating 12inch desk fans on each side of the tent moving air around the top of the canopy and have no issues with burning or heat spots.
Also when showing the PAR readings it would be better too show the average readings taken from more accurate positions under each light. As in this video at the end you show the highest reading which gives the impression that the Phantom is better than the Gavita which it obviously isnt as the only reading where the Phantom gets any where near the gavitas is when its being reflected.

710tech glass says:

$3,000 per Spydr LED   or $550 for gavitas……

Fofostilltippin808 says:

Nice I can't wait to see the results :). Got me wanting to make the big switch 

China Net Office says:

what about update guys, we are waiting impatiently

Salvador Lopez says:

good stuff. i believe the LEDs should do better. i think its just the initial sot that kicks yours ass… eep us posted and thanks

Legal in Oregon says:

Great stuff guys! Please update when you have your final numbers, those BML LED's look very promising.

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