How to Start Your Web Design Career

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How to Start Your Web Design Career
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Becoming a Web Designer is about more than learning HTML Code or CSS or even WordPress.

You need to understand how to attract web design clients, what to have in your web design portfolio, and what tools are available to help you in your web design career. You also need to know the business side of Web Design and consider how to create web design products and passive income.

There will be months where you don’t have clients. How do you get an employer to take a chance on you when you haven’t worked for anyone yet? These are the questions you need to ask before starting your web design career.

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Richard Webster says:

Hey Roberto some great tips there thanks! Subbed.

Heiki Raudsepp says:

Awesome video Roberto!
I am technical person and hearing name Photoshop makes me uncomfortable. Is Photoshop something I have to master in other to make webpages ? I saw you have playlist to learn Photoshop so I'll give it a try but I would avoid it if possible. :)

lohith gudipudi says:

i am 15 now but how could i start my carer to become a web designer and where should i go for that…………………… the way your video was very worthy

Mama ToMosh says:

Thank you for this. I am new to Web design and at 33 I wonder if it's still possible to make a career out of it. But your videos have been inspiring.

Aeladya says:

Depending on the project I will use Muse or Dreamweaver. I use Dreamweaver's split view and actually code by hand in it. While it doesn't show everything, it gives me an idea of what I'm aiming for and the visual part helps me out. I've used regular text editors or Notepad ++, but I like Dreamweaver better. Now I have some questions about WordPress, what is the best way to learn to make themes for it? I'm a broke college student (although I will be done in about 15 days) so I need somewhere to learn to make WordPress themes as it isn't being taught in my school at this time. I know HTML and CSS, and I'm a bit rusty on my PHP. Can I make themes strictly using HTML and CSS and maybe some PHP?

Hoxey L (Hoxeyl) says:

Thanks for your help

NbaLive4ever says:

Looks like it's time to start making template sites! Thanks for this helpful video, Roberto.

pantherseyes says:

I happened to come across your channel tonight. I gave up photos hopping/creating. I watched a few of your videos tonight. Never have I come across anyone who speaks from their experience and helpful advice as you eloquently do.

xryxcoreo says:

Can you help me get to at least 100 subs?

TheRick422 says:

I feel only slightly tech savvy. Do you think a self-taught, hands education is treated equally to a classroom education. Debating on going to school/classes for this or just jumping in and see where it goes.

T4L7 says:

Thanks! I am learning a lot from all your videos. Speaking about tools – What are your thoughts about Sketch?


tipofmytongue1024 says:

I've always loved your videos, working smart not hard always stuck with me.

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