How to Make an App – Secrets Top Developers Use to Gain Millions

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How to Make an App for iPhone and Android

Appreneur Spotlight: Mark Christopher. From app store optimization to marketing/growth hacking your app, he discusses the steps he took to consistently reach the top of the charts. Shortcuts to the (discounted!) affiliate links are above.

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Jazmine Monreal says:

How much should you typically pay for an APP to be made?
Do you hire some one to do everything from Elance?

ZaksApps says:

I teach how to make apps if anyone is interested

David Zand says:

Hey, Firstly I wanted to thank you for such an educational video, secondly do you know if the freelancers would also be in charge of posting the app to the Play store or the Appstore? and if the Application costs money or has a monthly subscription who would you go to in regards of handeling all of that

ravenwolf says:

i just want to make a fun notepad app

Darpanjyoti Bora says:

Hi. I'm new to app development world and have lots of questions and doubts in my mind. so it would be better if i could contact you personally through your email id.

Amogh Joshi says:

Should i fill the app title fully or leave some space. Do filling my whole space will affect my rank or not?

SeviperSoup says:

I want to create an app which teaches people to play popular pieces, I'm twelve and currently doing my GCSEs early and I want to show how easy music can be, I just have no experience or money to do so

Luke Lindstrom says:

What if you make an app and it gets super popular but you get $0 for it.

Amogh Joshi says:

I their are some things which you mentioned in the video might not be possible for me.
Like – creating a website or ask bloggers, include viral components. etc. In total – I can not get a web presence but, I can do ASO very well. Is ASO enough for marketing my app.

Jondaris Jackson says:

Are there any app designers in North Carolina? I have plenty of app ideas

Aletoni Mata'itusi says:

Dude.. I LOVE THIS VIDEO MAN.. I can't wait to see it again.. I came across it by a fluke but it contained valuable information. So thanks again buddy.

Ahmed Alattar says:

Wooow thanks man

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