Create a One Page Beautiful Web Design Layout In Photoshop

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Hey everyone, in this tutorial I will show you how to make a website look beautiful designs using Adobe Photoshop.
Almost all designs based on the 960 Grid System and you can find them on the official website 960 gs.

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Yohannes Aregay says:

you are great. i like your color choice

Hiral Shah says:

how i get back blue grid line short key i m learning Photoshop cc thanks

rick casas says:

of the one conducting the tutorial'

rick casas says:

nice tutorial….i hope u provide the ..AUDIO..also.

PSDWatcher says:

Nice work! We featured one of your videos on our website as well 🙂 Cheers!

Demidevos says:

Can i download the template for school please?


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Djouness Matondo says:

You are excellent

LeitoIsHere says:

Great, but I have few questions:
1. How I should make buttons for webmaster who will code website. How he knows when button is pressed and when not?
2. What files should I give to my client/webmaster
3. How to let know my webmaster if pictures should scroll from right to left, or this button looks pressed like that, and that?

Uddhab Bogati says:

Great!! Thank you So much!!

Alan Cooper says:

Love your work man, any advice on where to start as a novice?

Никита Ларионов says:

Hello. Very good tutorial, only necessary things in video. Thank for your job. Can you tell me what a song is playing?

monia sned says:

awesone i love your work

diamond kula says:

Cool design and color style

Anis Pour says:

where and how did you learnd designs?

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