Crash Course: Start A Successful Local Web Design Business in 2014

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In this video I give you every resource and principle you’ll need to start a successful local web design business. I break down the process into four parts,

3:26 Preparation
12:44 Finding Your First Client
18:40 Completing First Contract
22:20 Streamlining and Growth

Resources & Links (in order of appearance)

(Register your domain name)

(Use coupon code “StartupTakeoff” and receive 25% off!)

(Learn HTML & CSS fundamentals)

WordPress Tutorial:
(Tutorial for setting up websites in wordpress)

(Get a logo designed for $5)

(Find local businesses who need a website)

(1000’s of themes for your clients websites)

(Hire contractors and web designers at discount rates)

Books Mentioned
The Psychology of Selling:
The Ultimate Sales Machine:

Websites Mentioned
Smashing Magazine:
The Warrior Forum:


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Ricardo Fabrizio Martínez Valencia says:

Despite the bad comments of some people, I think this is one of the best videos about entrepreneurship in web design/development. You talk about some important aspects in this business such as the control of clients and the "psychology" in marketing and selling. I am planning to start my own business, and I really thank you for this information and useful tips.

Astra Sleepz says:

You know what. Web design is the shittiest business on planet. You will meet shitty clients along the way and they always ask unreasonable expectation. Can you do this can you do that can you edit this.. Well, this does not look right, please revise this and that. FUCK THAT SHIT!. We used to be a fucking developer and people will pay $xx,xxx without even fucking questioning anything.

Now they are too educated and think that this is an easy job cos so many people are doing it. FUCK THIS SHIT!

Well, I quit this shitty business and play poker instead. I made whole lots more money and I don't have to deal with scum clients. I mean, all the clients are SCUMS

Sameer Shamsudeen says:

lol, outsourcing to India, no more Indians are now outsourcing to developed countries :)

Suraj Sharma says:

i see this video 16 Aug 2015 and already tray that method before but that's docent work in India but that's good for other country so good luck…

Travis Douglas says:


sshadow2 says:

Great vid! Thanks for sharing!

Natalia T says:

Well i guess this is the difference between owning a business and owning a "job", in first case you outsource, in second you do all the work on your own. I am the second type and i was kind of shocked to hear that you have other people to do the work. But oh well, its smart of you! I did like the yellow pages part. Im looking for new clients now and didn't even think of it, thanks for the tip!

Jarod Billingslea says:

do I need an employer ID number to start taking cash from clients?

Katie Maiella says:

You did a great job highlighting the web business.Your presentation was very insightful. Thank you!

Chris Todd says:

This is kind of feels like you're encouraging cowboy web designers that have no skills and are profiteering off others. I'm not sure how any business model based on this video's contents can be sustainable.

Sil Gold says:

buy 1 cent hosting account at hostgator using coupon "hostingin1cent" .

Lozingle TS says:

A bit lost with the outsourcing part.

Ideology Design says:

Very helpful video. Great job.

Mohamed Afzal Mulla says:

Nice Video – Great points !

Priscila J says:

Great video, thank you for the valuable information, do you use different themeforrest templates or did you stick to one for every client?

Nii Adjetey says:

+Samuel Obeng check it out, talk after

HalfStepTheory says:

Charging $24.95 for hosting to that first client is pretty steep. Have you considered the average cost of hosting for a single site, which is what most clients will be looking for? That ranges from around $4-$10 a month, depending on the options and host provider. I agree that hostgator is the way to go, and the reseller account is great, but unloading that cost on a single client equates to highway robbery.
Also, those languages on Code Academy are scripting languages, not programming languages. I know they seem the same, but there is a difference.
Don't take this stuff wrong, I'm not complaining. I'm just pointing out some things you might want to change. I think the video has some great information, and I thank you for sharing it.

Jacob Rambo says:

I have been a full time freelance web designer and developer for the last ten years. I have many clients and make a very decent living. Not because I lie and sell services I know nothing about. I actually worked very hard to gain the knowledge necessary to be successful in this business. This might make you a few bucks here and there but it's not a viable long term solution to running a web design company. If it was then this guy would still be doing it. In fact this is just shady. What if the clients not happy with the work? Do you know how many times I have had to fix websites that were outsourced like this?  Honestly doing business this way is why people do not trust web designers.

I have had clients actually ask me if I use templates before I ever sell them a thing. You give real designers a bad rap. 

Wyatt Musser says:

How do you give control to a person in another country safely to work on your stuff. I wish I knew the step by step 

CorporalPoon says:

lost me at outsourcing 

Jack Jhon says:

nice video

Thomas Vu says:

Thank you for paying it forward. Greatest fulfillment imo is through helping others. I was naturally progressing through step 3 when I stumbled upon this video. It makes it a lot more clearer for me since you laid out the course ahead for me. I now know what to do next because of your help. Thank you and happy holidays!

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