Robots Learn to Say No to Humans [Demo Included] | ColdFusion

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As robots become more capable and take on greater social roles in our society, what stops them from being commanded to do wrong? In this video, we’ll find out.

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NAO Robot at Tufts University:


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Adib Riazati says:

This is quite amazing and true. Robotic platform seems good but must be done with a lack of bias to truly work well.

drSiva419 says:


Kanak ITBP says:

you once talked about hiring a guy for doing background research about the topic you will do video on. So i think I can be that guy and seriously speaking, you can trust me. In past I've done music production, some other stuff I won't discuss here.. So look into me as the guy made for that purpose… Hope you get that message.. :)

08ysin says:

I hope you make a video about spotify too cause it would be great to know how big spotify is

Tushar Aggarwal says:

amazed to see this is actually happening!!! that demo robo who refused twice but accpted the same command after a reasonable assurance is like a miracle. it understood the feeling called TRUST!! imagination running wild … amazing work cold fusion!!

DrifTaben Skateing says:

that thing looks stupid

Xeanon says:

can you do a behind the scenes

Nemeen Shah says:

I am not sure but still robotic AI is way long away to be expected
robots will first believe in you then they will start listening to you but at the end they are gonna learn from us so its disastrous
I am not against robotic I love robots but still we need to work hard on some command like kill someone like that should be denied by robots

Super Troll says:

Can NAO cook breakfast for me?

Hyder Noori says:

Future robots will inherit the ethics (or lack thereof) of their programmers/users.

XtarShoter says:

If ethics it is that we're discussing, look no further; Philosophers hold the answers to what the masses overlook.

Adithya Sairam says:

Awesome work!! Very interesting!

Chad Ross says:

Negative feelings

busetgadapet says:

that's just pre programming stuff
like if there is no obstacle, do as I wish, if no then do as i wish

matt Gacek says:

coldfusion you gained around 80 k in the last 2 months or whenever you uploaded yhour 300k

Aintelco Telekom says:

"I, Robot", "Ghost in the shell 2", "Automata"

John Doe says:

Once AI gets to a certain level, guaranteed, criminals will be the first to take advantage of it. Anything can be hacked or reprogrammed.

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