Jonathan Bird’s Blue World: Marine Biology

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Jonathan visits the School for Field Studies in the Turks & Caicos Islands to learn how college students conduct field work in their pursuit of degrees in marine studies. He helps tag sharks, study conch and investigate marine protected areas!

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Batwing283 Does gaming- vlogs and extra stuff says:

I wish I could do that. It would be so cool to dive. I am a long time subscribe (been here since the bull shark video) and I love this channel. I can't wait until I get my diving license.

Heatblast016 says:

Your show is amazing!!!!

Лиза Могильная says:

ето очень интерестно!!!:-) 🙂 ;-)

Nemohush says:

I love these videos Jonathan!PS:I subscribed to you so please subscribe back!!!

Eliska Prochazka says:

I loved this so much. Thank you. My dream job is to be a marine biologist, and this video just made me want to be one even more. Great job on the videos as always :)

WolfWoot says:

I've wondered about this sort of field…great work

EMOIL says:


The Guardian says:

I'm warming up to the new intro. It's growing on me.

William Krogsdale says:

thank you this cleared up a lot of questions I had on marine biology

SharkDemon367 says:

My dream job is becoming a marine biologist

Jade C says:

I like your new theme song!

Mark Said says:

If it isn't for divers and documentarists like you, Jonathan, your team and marine biologists showcasing and protecting this wet blue part of our planet I don't want to imagine what state it would be in right now. Very commendable of you all! Thanks loads for this great and very inspirational video.

Dragon_Slayer says:

Perfect for me because I want to be a marine biologist:)

Khloe Lai says:

Your adventures are super cool !

R. Gresco (GR4VITY) says:

Great episode Jon!

jaysonn Aglubat says:


Abdulla Lootah says:

awesome vid

antonie hockeynl says:

Best vid of the month 🙂
btw this has to be a dreamlife for divers right? I mean it's mine

Esteban Abascal says:

Thank you for this video John

Starwarsrap1 says:

YES! I've been looking forward to this!!!

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