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Learn about the meanings of colors and how they play in integral part in the perception of the logo. While discussing color we touch on the differences between eastern and western cultures and how these can effect the color choices of brands that are meant to be globally marketed.

We also do our own case study of putting these principles to work and creating a logo from the research, to the concept sketches, to the vector adaptation, and to the final colorized piece.

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Etho PlaysMC says:

First comment with letters ^_^

ZXFL0W.O says:

301 club, how tough are ya?

vennril says:

Couple of notes:

1. You call the Coca Cola logo "white", but the CNN logo "red", even though they're both white fonts on red background. Something that occurs a lot in this video. Side note: If people would have to associate a color with Coca Cola, if would definitely be "red" instead of "white".

2. The Ikea logo is actually blue (on a yellow circle). Also, it was designed to represent the Swedish flag, not color meanings.

3. The Lakers logo doesn't give you a nostalgic feeling because it's purple, but (like you said yourself) because it has never changed. The Coca Cola logo also gives me a nostalgic feel.

4. The McDonald's logo is yellow. Here you just call it "red" because of the red background. Kinda similar to point (1).

5. Minor: The BMW logo appears twice, and that is not the current twitter logo.

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