Truth in Advertising

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A great story about how a marketing campaign is made. Speakers say what they think and not what they should say. You will like it. Very British Humor.


Frank Ippolito says:

Made nine years ago and it is still relevant.

Ice Man says:

This should have been in the beginning of the movie "The Invention of Lying"

Orf says:

Better quality version? What's the original source?

Juraj Golubcov says:

h..this is so good – the Ending – priceless!

Pete Pallett says:

Yes, but Canadian made by Avion Films, as a "Christmas present" to their clients and the industry as a whole.

leone7227 says:

This one never gets old!!!

Michelle Coy says:

Hilarious, as the truth so often is!

Avery Cheshire says:

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Anne Hodgson says:

Where is this from?


am confused 🙁

TheOldnic says:

Has nothing it represents on that, actually what it is, is the actual gigantic infra-structure and resources used of a particular department to show how much thought goes into each campaign, how little cooperation occurs how small minded the requirement and result is. Its subtle, take a look at the guy whom kicked the toilet can in the sketch.

Skape Zilla says:

For all the people that can relate to this movie – QUIT YOUR JOB. To feel this way at work is TOXIC to your entire life.

stanczyk11111 says:

mad man. . !

FrankieD135 says:

Warning…don't sip anything during these 12 minutes.

Michael Allen says:

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Ruslan Nurullaev says:


Hunter Mann says:

Estoy de acuerdo contigo… y sabes? soy un creativo genial sin trabajo… Vamos pa' una charla y una copa de vino?

Hunter Mann says:

Wait a minute, no ending credit for the guy who did craft service? Bullshit!

Hunter Mann says:

Great writing, acting, editing and art direction, brilliant stuff!
H.M., Clio winner(whoopie)

RickeySnake says:

OMG Collin Mocherie

Biggie032 says:

I worked in a place exactly like this for two months…Eventually, I told them to kiss my ass and went out Eastwood style.

dfjr1990 says:

This must be GoDaddy's team. They can't come up with a tasteful idea to save their fucking lives

contactlisa1 says:

brilliant because it is 100% true

Pactos Publicidad says:

Great advertising buen diseño de publicidad !!

Pushpendra P says:

Though I like the initial bit but later it seemed like a drag. I think I'm buying this anyway.

Nu Wanhaha says:

Great video

Asif Shahzad says:

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IWasHereFirst2 says:

is there a german translation somewhere or subtitles? Is great but I missed half of it

aman inam says:

great work keep it coming

Alexander Herrera says:

Outstanding!! love the video.

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