The Worst “Black Friday” Moments | Fights and Meltdowns

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Every year, millions of people swarm malls and big box retailers on the Friday after Thanksgiving in hopes of copping a half off HP laptop or discounted bicycle. However, mixing impossibly low prices with limited inventory can be a recipe for disaster. “Black Friday” is more than the year’s biggest shopping day, it’s a competition. And, if you don’t come ready to play, you might get trampled to death by soccer moms in the Target parking lot or hit over the head with a scooter during a feeding frenzy for the last X-Box.

Well today, Complex News is counting down some of the worst “Black Friday” moments in recent history. Check it out in the video above. Oh, and be careful if you’re bargain hunting today. Saving 30 percent on the Harry Potter DVD box set isn’t worth a broken nose.

These Two Probably Still Fighting over the TV:
Gotta Here Both Sides:
Sound The Alarm:
She Busted out The Stun Gun:
$30 Bikes Don’t Grow on Trees:
You’re Not Taking my Bike:
It’s Not A Game:
Running of The Bulls:

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markil dzason says:

Fuckin americans. Crazy

janis joplin says:

thank God for cyber monday.

ReZdItalia says:

Mindless sheep.

Cassie DAll says:

I do not know what is more fucked. You had a bitch pepper spraying kids our parents taking kids to a black Friday sale. That shit is dangerous. But what do I know, I do not even leave my house unless I have to work on Black Friday.

Jiggajig Jones says:

What a pointless and embarrassing pursuit.

Fun Factor H.O.T says:

OMG, 30 dollar bicycles!

Jason S says:

pathetic behaviour

thedams says:

stupide,crazy,retarded people.

JoinCrossFire says:

… I really wish this idiotic day ends.

george hassard says:

If I was there I would yell " ALLAH BLUAKAR"

Joshiemitzu says:

that is so disgusting some of the worst of humanity

Dawud Yelton says:

videos like these really piss me off;to see how some of these morons act (consumer nation) like a bunch of f@#$ing savages…unreal

republic1001 says:

lol this doesnt happen where i live thank god!

b10frazier says:

I looked up "The Walking Dead" and i found this Dann says:

Haaa ha ha ha ha ha people r nutz

Quiet Borderliner says:

last year i went to black friday and saw two fat bitches fighting over a Betty White Blanket.
What has this world come to. XD

Ana Morales says:

This is disgusting

Steven Dalloesingh says:

500 people get assaulted by each other in just 5 minutes, but the store owners only call the cops when a 5$ keychain gets stolen…

CSGO INK. says:

What's the point of fighting over a TV when the TV is going to be broken when they get home…

fredyh357 says:

Broke ass people fuck Black Friday fuck u all who went !!

RK NINE says:

Black people are hungry.

Hector Nila says:

gringos estúpidos…borregos

super hero says:

why isnt black friday banned…….such a safety hazard yet its allowed to continue this mockery……stores are to blame they see what keeps happening and still it goes on what a joke

Omar Gord says:

this must be running of the bulls american style

First Name Last Name says:

why are you reporting and having a countdown on the same shit 1,000 other videos portray? and that pepper spray shit in Porter Ranch was from 5 years ago!! You people are as pathetic as the gutter trash in the videos.

Patinno says:

y don't u just steal from da shops ?

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