Professional Logo Design – Adobe Illustrator cc (PULSE)

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Here is another Unique shaped Logo Design. The 3 Dimensional view is represented by using few shades of color.
So create this logo we will first use the rectangle tool to create a square. Then use the extrude and bevel option to obtain a cubical box to ensure basic structure of the design. Then using the symbol, which we will be creating from a square by dividing them into 3*3 rows and column. we add up that in each surfaces of the cube. And then we will expand them with the expand option. Then do arrangement of all the pieces in their proper places. Finally add the color and the text.
Check out whole process in this video.

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Areeba khan says:

i will create best and unique logo for your website/pages etc. come join & see the difference !

Oct Ilachoque says:

Gracias, aunque no esta en mi idioma pero me ayuda mucho saludos

Retrostalgia says:

That was amazing, how did you figure that out, like how did you think of all that ?

Soewandi Ze says:

thanks for the tutorial

Kateryna Bilyk says:

great and simple

Paulo Adrian Sonza says:

Awesome Ideas! I also want a unique logo for my company. Can you create one for me? I'm gonna pay you. :)

Suliman Algabarty says:

Good day! Awesome

Bagus Riadi says:

thanks,great tutorial :)

KeretaMalamStudio says:

Wow.. its a masterpiece tutorial..

Javier Peña says:

just awesome! thanks a lot… i just try it and i did it :D

004spaw says:

This is awesome. What's up with the fake accent your putting on tho?

Pistinnaga says:

Hi hate snap function in illustrator!Is so fucking boring…any tips?

Frank Paredes says:

Gracias, great tutotial

Khaye Zapatero says:

This is amazing. :)

Darving Graphixz says:

Awesome Tutorial!!!

Nyx Doc says:

Can you do a logo for me and I will pay you?

joebassplayer says:

Good Job!!

TheMirsinho says:

How do you come up with the ideas for making these logos?

adarkerlight says:

Absolutely excellent, fantastic job. Watching this reminded me of the game "Monument Valley" a bit, with the 3D coming from moving certain parts. What a great tutorial, thank you for uploading. I can't wait to try it.

omaikel omar fiqueroa says:

amazing .

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