Logo Design Tutorial Part 1 – Sketching Logo Concepts

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For full video transcript, please see my Blog: http://www.yourcreativejunkie.com/logo-design-video-tutorial-sketching-logo-ideas-video-1-of-6/. In this video tutorial series, I’m going to show you the Entire Process of Logo Design from Sketching Logo concepts, to selecting the perfect fonts, to custom lettering in Adobe Illustrator, to complete logo design, and we’ll wrap it up designing a business card using our new logo.


Om Chinchwankar says:

Subscribed 😀 hope you gonna guide us more 🙂 Omee

Wayne Bass says:

Fascinating! In the beginning "don't edit yourself," great advice. I look forward to seeing where you go with this. So neat to see you at work. How many concepts do you generally present to a client? 2, 3, or more?

Eric Taylor says:

Nice work.  I like some of the logo sketches already.  You clearly have a fine art background.  If only I could sketch like that.  Keeping things loose and low stress at the beginning is great advice but surprisingly hard to do.  Looking forward to the next video.

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