Friday – Rebecca Black – Official Music Video

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This is the one and only official version of Rebecca Black’s “Friday” music video.

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Connel Mcmahon says:

What there is two Mariah Carey's?!?!?!?

Luis Rodriguez says:

it has more hates than likes

Abyalew Bayu says:

As much as everyone is hating on this song, I'm sure it's making her tons of money every year.

Abyalew Bayu says:

Are braces mandatory in her high school?

More Age Of Awesomeness says:

It was okay I guess. 2 stars. Definitely not the best song I've heard. Search Age of Awesomeness and subscribe to see videos reviewing songs, Lego sets, movies, and more. Plus Minecraft and Terraria videos and mini movies.

Sophia Su says:

the first part was good then it started getting a little bit boring but why is this song hated?

KendamaKKGT says:

she is a horrible singer

Joshua henry says:

Although you're not a great singer you could always try again in future you're really brave to sing even though you knew it wasn't that great just keep on trying harder and harder and harder you will get there one day. Ignore people and their hateful comment you am okay singer but you can always try again love your video.

Kawai Kitty :3 says:

Love it! I liked!

janayzia nolon says:

i think people should stop bulling people this song did not mean to be mean and u should go to the school instead of being home schooled u r a good girl.

Brittni Lashway says:

I love you rabeka black

Brian Molinet says:

This is so bad it´s my favorite song

elfreak akibakei says:

Es tan mala que se vuelve buena.

Dr.Michael house PhD says:

im  thinking what I could in her mouth then whats coming out of it

Dr.Michael house PhD says:

USA please stick to the chilly peppers not this pop shit

Angela Mendoza says:

her voice is bad and she cant hit a single note correct. (im not trying to be mean, i have nothing against her.)

Jason Siemer says:

meh this suks balls

Jamesisawesome44 says:

I don't get it. How come this video has more dislikes than likes?

GΛmє Θvєr says:

People stop hating! I have to thanks Rebecca for waking me up from my coma. The nurse turned the radio on while I was in coma and this song was playing and thanks to this I woke up! To turn it off!

Sigurður Þór Bjarnason says:

Fuck me sorry but really

Fabian Padilla says:

hang yourself

Nicole Little says:

My teacher literally played this song all the way to the end, really loud, just to torture us…

Shadyfan45 Slim says:

Why I hate this song

Cylina Mangal says:

hahaha this is so funny

Seth Vasquez says:

Vines brought me here from Lance210. But now that I heard the song, ehhh, I really don't like it at all. Lance should have never put that song in his videos. Because, once people see it, they hate it or don't like it. No wonder there is so many dislikes.

Cindy Gomez says:

all of u guys are jerks if u guys don't like do watch it and ur gonna have to deal with it like if u guys are better

Hollie says:

Fiynlla! This is just what I was looking for.

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