What’s Trending: ISIS Killed Biggie? Boosie Fights Cancer, Best Kobe Bryant Moment & More

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Anthony Battle says:

who is the girl in the white

Forensics Team says:

need a new host

Oliver Northcross says:

This dude looks like anthony tolliver

Kurt Ramos says:

ISIS didn't even exist when Biggie got shot

Leo Shakur says:

Nigga nostrils are the portal into the next dimension.

Kyle Reese says:

He looks like a black guy from who-ville

ChipFu_ says:

05:53 old man farts his ass out

We Were Once Kings says:

god i hate new york bitches lol. expect the Spanish mommies

Dennis Le says:

Songname 1.20 thx

King_Grizzly275 says:

this shit is terrible.

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