The Moon: Crash Course Astronomy #12

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Join Phil for a tour of our capital-M Moon, from surface features, inside to the core, and back in time to theories about its formation.

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Table of Contents
Many Millions of Moons 0:27
Big Impact on Little Earth 3:42
Craters and Maria 2:15
Water on the Moon? H2O Yeah! 8:06

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Moon Phase 47.7% [credit: NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center Scientific Visualization Studio]
The Blue Marble [credit: Credit: NASA Goddard Space Flight Center Image by Reto Stöckli]
Dramatic Moonset [credit: G.Gillet/European Southern Observatory]
Structure of the Moon: [credit: Kelvin Song via WikiMedia Commons]
Crater Science Investigations: [credit: NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center]
Lunar crater Daealus [credit: NASA]
Mare Humorum [credit: NASA]
Luna 3: [credit: NASA]
Farside!: [credit: NASA/GSFC/Arizona State University]
Theia Earth Collision: [credit: Ron Miller, used with permission]
Earth Seen From Early Moon: [credit: Ron Miller, used with permission]
Moon Struck: [credit: NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center]
Tycho: [credit: NASA/Goddard/Arizona State University]
Double crater on the moon: [credit: ESA/SPACE-X (Space Exploration Institute)]
Stream of Craters: [credit: NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center/Arizona State University]
Full Moon: [credit: Gregory H. Revera]
Rille on the valley floor, photographic mosaic from Apollo 15: [credit: NASA]
New Views of Lunar Pits: [credit: NASA/GSFC/Arizona State University]
Crater Erlanger: [credit: NASA/GSFC/Arizona State University]


Bryce Alley says:

(8:49) I loved the end of this episode! It was kinda sweet. Go teenage students!!

FeedMeVideos says:


FeedMeVideos says:

+Meredith hidalgo = i ♥ ur picture for comments (plus it was one small step!)

Peter Hamburger says:

oh my god. everyone needs to watch this show before they're allowed to be adults.

Rem ko says:

08:45 The greys that have bases on the far side do not want us to travel to the moon. so….

Lytrigian says:

The Moon is the only one, just like Venus is the only Venus. The Moon is the name of that object in English. Once we discovered that other planets had natural satellites, we decided to call those "moons", making a generic out of what had been a proper noun. Much like calling all facial tissue "kleenex" no matter who makes it.

Imagine if we had decided to call all other planets "earths". It would be the same kind of thing.

Evolvedgaming says:

What if the crust anomaly was caused by a smaller moonlet that formed with the moon and when it finally collided it barely had the speed needed to cause serious damage so it sort of just splattered there

Son Goku says:

Do we need a bigger reason to go back?

Scarlett Love says:

the moon moo x3 moon when ur on the moon u say moo x8 u put ur hands on ur head and shake ur booty. la x3 M-O-O-N its never gonna go away as long as I live. its just gonna stay its lookin for and antidote never like its gonna see the day its a moon with an empty bite its a girl with an apatite the other ones just a solid girl its got more fightness as the world. okay okay that's enough Moon/Chica song

LO VE says:

there going to be a war for the moon

Piffrock says:

Thank you Phil for sharing your passion.
Listening to you is always a pleasure : so damn interesting, and even beautiful. :)

Crux says:

I love this so much, it makes me so happy, I love space


kevin buyks says:

could someone tell me what happened with the planet that collide with the earth. Was it destroyed or something else?

Naruedyoh says:

That final speak touched mi soul


hi there how it is possible if i say "moon was seen from calgary canada and punjab india at the same time" several times?

Grace Paisley says:

both the Earth and the Moon look like pizza. Im hungry.

drummerpablo1 says:

remember when the U.S. was going to cut NASA funding and then they changed their minds, realizing a good space program inspires generations of scientists? glad we kept our priorities straight.

Laziestcrow says:

I like -really like – CrashCourse. I absolutely don't like PBS/CrashCourse.

Rob Radnich says:

The link to the web site is dead :(

Scott Mantooth says:

what if any effect would moonquakes have on the earths plate tectonics…are there in fact identified remains of plate tectonics on the moon? oh, this is comment 666… spooky…

Chris Meyer says:

Phil mentioned colonization of the moon it would make a great tourist attraction 🙂 the spaceships we design should be able to to build instead of ejecting boosters engineer them so they have a dual purpose that are easily converted to modules if it's possible so every time a spaceship lands on the moon we are able to add to the colony.

finsfan90 says:

But the Fallen and the Hive control the Moon, so how did we ever go there? :p

Epic Fetus says:

i dind not know thare is all reday water on the moon

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