Parkinson’s Patient Finds Better Quality of Life with Medical Cannabis

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David has been a medical marijuana patient ever since his primary physician recommended he try it, and has experienced a much better quality of life.

Currently, there are efforts to close down all access point for David to get the medicine he needs and he recently pleaded with the San Bernardino City Council to lift their ban on medical cannabis dispensing centers and regulate his medicine.

Since then, the City of San Bernardino has raided several dispensaries and vows to push people like David back on more pills, or back to the streets.

By calling elected officials in your community, you can help protect a patient today by ensuring they have save access to life-saving medicine.

And by calling David’s elected officials, you can help make sure he has safe access to the medicine he needs!

Robert Jenkins – Council Member (909) 384-5222
James Penman – City Attorney (909)-384-5355


David Lavictoire says:

im very curious on what exact strain David is useing to treat his shaking tremors. what strain stops him from actually shaking please help thanks

Paul Guibord says:

Thank you for posting this Sam! What strain in the video did he say helped him the most? I thought he said Yukon. I want to research it's cannabinoid profile for my brother has Parkinson's and want to help him. Thank you!!!

charlene mitchell says:

I believe cannabis is helping this man….that shoudn't be shameful smh.

Mauricio Liscano says:

You should try a high CBD oil.

Sariah Piedrasanta says:

Only people who are close to Parkinson's disease understand how horrendous this illness is and how it changes the lives of the people close to its victims. I don't understand why the government doesn't just allow studies. The type of marijuana that is most helpful to illnesses is not even the type that gets one high! We are so 18th century!

WeGottaMakeItStop says:

Cannabis does it again…. the greatest natural medicine in the world!!! ….Great testimonial David, you look fantastic, thank you for sharing your story!!!….Be sure to add a concentrate like Cannabis Oil or a Cannabis Infusion to your protocol rather than just smoking it… concentrates are even more effective…. and CBD has been found in studies to be effective for Parkinson's….therefore you should source a strain with a higher CBD content.

DrRobert Anderson says:

I use cannabis for my PD!! It works great!!!!

Jeffrey Butler says:

My Father was just diagnosed with Parkinson's disease. He is on the neurologist-prescribed levodopa and it makes him really ill and foggy. This video has given me hope for being able to manage the side effects of these drugs. Thanks for the video.

Joy Davies says:

His doctor gave him is dignity back. That is all we ask our doctors to do.

longluvedrappers says:

People who are against marijuana are either ignorant, misinformed, or evil.

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