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Everyone knows that marijuana is illegal. So why does Canada seem to be awash in pot? You can buy it openly in a surprising number of ways and places. The system the federal government set up to give people access to medical marijuana is broken. Could it be that something’s happening out there and no one told Prime Minister Stephen Harper? Mark Kelley exposes some real Pot Fiction.

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Claire R. says:

no brasil pauperrimo proibem maconha,mas liberam cachaca,isso eh muito pior que maconha,NAO VENHAM AO BRASIL ISSO EH UMA VIOLENCIA GRANDE bjs

Elisabeth Reimer says:

Das ist Eine ser gute Medicin , und warum nicht brauchen fuer Kranke Menschen ?

Bryan Chadwick says:

he is right. it won't happen under his government. it does happen under canadian's government. harper should go to coventry.

Malcolm X says:




thisguywhocamps1 says:

5 quarters? lmao yup she was definitely 5/4s high

Eli Consoli says:

It's already legal guy, Hence the fact the Vancouver Police allow them to operate. The fact of the matter is it's time to decriminalize it, people can still get in trouble wit the police for possession. this is hugely contradictory if there's places in the country where it's sold to people who get the prescription fro a doctor at the dispensary itself. fortunes will be made here, unfortunately. However this new industry will still be more bifocal then any other pre-existing multi-billion dollar market. So get ready to light up people!!

zindi1138 says:

hey should make another fifth estate on this..and have a look at how we will map legal weed..
cause the libs won and now its on !

The Plebeian says:

"Just walking down the street minding my own business and out jumps a cannabis pusher… Thank god we had the camera's on." – Mark Kelley

Jonathan Handel says:

oh and Prarie plant systems stuff is garbage…. dried "Arials of cannabis"…. what a joke

Jonathan Handel says:

Lol you weren't right… sorry I meant lol Harper isn't right (in the head)

J Moore says:

When there is no vision- the people perish. Can 'o piss will destroy your life. Period.

TroyGreen25 says:

If weed does not become legal in 2015 or 2016 I'm moving to Colorado

Coop W says:

watch the scientist with Raphael Mechoulam.

Morgan Bull says:

3/4 or like 5/4………I think she is 125%  stooooonnnneed

andrew says:

this guy goes around yelling to everyone how these places are illegal. like why would you even ask or say that to a shop owner

Gamer Port says:

thank god for truedou im to high to spell his name

John Jeffrey says:

I have been a grower for 30+ years (I grow for med use exclusively now)…
I was the designated grower for a few federal exemptees (and many more unlicensed folks) and to be honest; I recommended to anyone that asked that they should simply grow their own and avoid publicity rather than jump through the hoops that they had to in order to get exemption status. I am hopeful that the new Lib govt under JT legalizes it..but I will remain cautiously optimistic, and keep my seeds ready for summer 2016…

DoctorMindo says:

One pound for personal use? I wouldn't believe it either.

greendawg aa says:

Too bad the only ones getting a liscence to grow have connections to the Trudeaus. How many millions will Trudeau make off the backs of the taxpayers using his political and business connections to monopolize the industry?

Cray On says:

lol i know that doctor he spoke to on skype! Dr….. well I won't say it.

seeeLAH1 says:

ITS CHANGED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YAY!!!

Logan Smith says:

YE LIBERALS ELECTED!! Marijuana will soon be legalized in Canada!!!!

Dylan Kearsley says:

Tredeau won the election it's gonna be legal

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