Drying And Curing Marijuana – Medical Cannabis Home Grower

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Drying and Curing Marijuana – Medical Cannabis Patient Shares How To Dry and Cure Home Grown Weed.


Everything is the most critical link in the chain to creating top quality medical cannabis. Once you have completed the grow successfully, the drying and curing of marijuana can be the make-or-break step in the end quality and effectiveness of your meds.

What are your tips on drying and curing cannabis? Here are my thoughts…

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philliphe alomar says:

this guy is so organized lol its funny

Jesse Cole says:

Are u growing with cfl's? Yr buds look really airy& maybe even too wet still.I've found that slow drying about 5 to 7 days maybe a few more, to be the best before curing.u wanna dry until the stems JUST start to snap then jar em up& don't burp for at least a week.drying & curing are two totally different things.I claim to be no expert trust me but maybe veg your plants a few weeks longer before flip& definitely wait until it's mature before chop.I kno the feeling of growing a top shelf strain, waiting all those weeks& getting a great yield then doing a half ass dry& cure then having og kush or pineapple express taste like garbage.just be patient my friend& the more attention& love you show your plants the more she'll do for you.check out some well known growers techniques also.that helped me a lot

Hashim KingpinPimp says:

That piano playing in the background sounds beautiful

Hashim KingpinPimp says:

That piano playing in the background sounds beautiful

Daniel Williams says:


Dave Tremain says:

It looks to me that you're not letting them finish out.  Your buds look rather "airy" and not as dense as they should be (speaking primarily of the ones in the jar and in the dehydrator).  Maybe another 2 weeks and you'd have some thick buds.

Dominic Vasquez says:

Better vids then this.

Austin Crull says:

How would one dry and cur plants in secret? I would love it if u could get back to me on it?

Scott Stonham says:

LOL One of the worst videos I have ever seen. Do not follow any of this guys advice on curing. A food dehydrator??? are you serious? Your weed looks terrible, badly trimmed and lots of fluffy popcorn tosh.

stiTekaFoN oN says:

It’s been a couple years since this video, but I would recommend labeling the jars instead of, or along with the lids.
If you take off more than one lid at a time to burp multiple jars with multiple strains, you can lose track of which lid goes to which jar. Yes I did that. Now I tape the strain on the jars. Good luck.

Robert Curren says:

I've only been doing this for about 10 years but I do know this you do not want to put your precious flowers in a dehydrator. You can use it the way you're using it but just do not turn it on the slower the better.you cant rush perfection,drying and curing are most valuable…….

BlakesgoneBananas says:

bra, check it out…This process (curing) takes place in an Oxygen free environment, due to an anaerobic process and thriving growth of a specific type of anaerobic bacteria that happens within the buds, where said bacteria consume left over chlorophyll and sugars left in the plant material. Don't "burp" them after the first week in the jar, if they are above 65% then they needed to dry longer. Burping them after the first cure week is only inhibiting the actual curing by introducing more O2. one love 

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