Boosie Badazz announces He’s Getting Surgery Tomorrow for Kidney Cancer.

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DJ Akademiks Speaks on Boosie Badazz announcing He’s Getting Surgery Tomorrow for Kidney Cancer.
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Sammy T says:

Dear God, please keep Boosie safe during surgey and allow a speedy recovery. Please allow Skippa Da Flippa to be released from custody of police and also if it's not to much in 2016 please allow the release of Gucci Mane hopefully in spring. In Jesus Christ name ONLY I pray Amen. #PrayForBoosie

Lord Jamar Be Like says:

DJ akademiks a fake ass fame whore.. Asking us all to mention him while tweeting boosie , , how about we tweet the KKK and mention u , you racist fuck against ur own people … But u don't drop coon or none of those words when u wanna be a rappers friend lol u fame whore

Aaron Richards says:

EVERY ONE tweet boosie tell him akademiks wants to come ride some d .Question : why we gotta tweet boo sir and mention you akademiks? U little fame whore, first u used to be racist as fuck against ur own people and now u toned all that shit down to get in there good books fucking fame who're …

Yolo Av says:

illuminati!! he wont make it

Otis Brown says:

Make a lil durk and dej loaf video i got a pic of them

Dashauna young says:

Fuck this niggia he lived a good life


Stop smoking cancer sticks nigga. U got money,go get weed oils

Red Ghost1 says:

Prayers and love my nigga

RickJames BIATCH says:

Pray for Boosie

Disciple of The Way says:

Everybody wanna pray when God start making it hard for you to live. But what about obeying God ? We wanna pray for help but we don't wanna live God's way ? Jesus Christ help us !!!

duke of york says:

Chemo kill more people than cancer! Dumb negros are quick to run to the white man to save them, when you have black herbalist and naturopaths who have been curing cancer since forever. Rather than pay a doctor to murder you, try educating yourself. Go and watch some of Dr. Jerry Tennant's videos and you will learn how to cure any "disease" yourself. In actuality there is only one disease and that is illness. Negros, you can't help them, you can"t kill them. What else is there to do? baffled.

Soulja Flow says:

they trying to kill that man!

GrizZz G says:

No joking about this, good luck bro. I'll be praying.

Darshawn Scott says:

God is with you in my prayers boosie for you and the family

John McNally says:

Pray for me and make me cold hearted

Jason Stone says:

Official ''Dj Akademiks'' song on my channel

JDM SWAG says:

So I wonder if he will still be performing out here in Hawaii this week

Sheldon Bell says:

cancer man you yo shout out to little Boosie hope you get better man and a successful surgery Boosie bad ass

bashir kh says:

just dont pray to jesus bcuz he couldn't keep his own life


health is wealth

Vincent Sorel says:

thats what you get from all that smoking…but still #prayforboosie

Izzy Young says:

Dj Akademiks lowkey looking for a lil buzz from Boosie with that comment at the end

Quan G says:

G stronG big bra


I've never heard his music but prayers. Hope everything goes well.

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