Beginner’s Options Trading | Vertical Spreads

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Tony Battista teaches Katie options trading from the very beginning! BAT explains to Katie the difference between Credit & Debit Vertical Spreads and what an ETF is.

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kHuP ToUNg says:

How Do I get learning like this?

José Luis says:

A trading class with Fonzie, awesome!!!!

tastytrade says:

Hi, Trading Options – Great Question! We typically stick to our 45 DTE as it allows us to be in the sweet spot of premium decay. Additionally, the probabilities play out better in this longer term with less risk of binary moves, while allowing us to manage winning trades. 

Trading Options says:

Great Video.  I have a question.  When selling a put spread, is it more beneficial to shorten the expiration(maybe a weekly) as oppose to collecting more premium?

Ski Sunday says:

hi TT, love the show. If we have a 30% chance of $70 profit and a 70% chance of a $30 loss, then after fee's, we lose over time. Can you explain the MATHS behind how an options trader can profit from vertical spreads please? is it an expectation of IV reduction or something else? Thanks.

Vissvanathram Thayalan says:

Hi guys, ive been looking for a demo account to try out my options trading skills, mind if you guys can recommend me a legitimate demo platform?.. Thanks and keep up with the great videos :D

SIRA063 says:

I'm watching all the tasty trade videos; and very slowly, I'm starting to grasp some of the lingo/jargon and technical terms but I am having trouble with all the abbreviations and what they mean.  Should I learn what all the technical terms and jargon means or is it something that I can learn as I go along on my way to learning how to trade?  

tastytrade says:

Hi Andrew! Check out our site! We have a ton of content for novice options traders!

andrew garza says:

do you guys mentor or teach – please post a link for a sign up thanks –
i need to get my feet wet on this im 23 years old 😀

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