Professional Logo Design – Adobe Illustrator cc(Circuit)

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Professional Logo Design – Adobe Illustrator cc(Circuit)
In this video, we will be designing this Circuit Logo. The Logo has got a very interesting designing techniques. It has got a circuit design with circular end at one side, whereas the other sides are converging toward each other.
SO to design this logo we will use the ellipse tool and create out a circle. then after that with the help of line-segment tool, we will create out the grid. We will modify the shape of the grid and with the help of shape builder tool, create out this circuit design. And finally add up the further details and the text.
Check out the video to follow the whole designing steps

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Killer 888 says:

Your tutorials are very useful, I had learned a lot in your tutorials. :)

Sloth Gaming says:

dude u need to speak clear, i cant understand what you are saying

Fabulously Fab says:

u are amazing ! 😀 thank u ! :)

Lamar Battle says:

very confusing

Suliman Algabarty says:

Nice Work

Triqui Imed eddine says:

keep it up

Triqui Imed eddine says:

thank you very much :D

AgentSiro says:

nice curves nice work

mahmoud allam says:

first view :-)

mahmoud allam says:

first view :-)

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