Photoshop & Illustrator speedart: logo design illustration by Swerve™

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In this video, I design a logo for a clients brand “License to chill”using hand lettering. The whole illustration is based around smoke and being chill. Thought i sketch this one before illustrating it.

Hope you enjoy 🙂

0:00 JPB – If Only You (feat. Alexandra Berglof)
3:23 Lauv – The Other (Ghosts Remix)

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TornadicFX Graphics Designer says:

absolutely terrific!

Schutz Michael (CasperBiceps) says:

Hey mate would you like to help me with logo for my team,it would be apreciate,keep you good work :D,BTW NEW SUB

Ben'sBored says:

What did you use the curves and the noise for? Did you make the light more realistic in a way that it was less chunky or something?

Donelle Clark says:

The struggle to choose a color is the worst!

Bluuu | Graphics & More says:

Wowwww Its So Awsomeee , Who Can Dislike It ?!

QuickZX says:

Nice logo

kennytieshisshoes says:

You are such an inspiration, between you and Will Patterson I have started working on my hand lettering.

SegsyDesigns™ says:

I wanna learn this kind of design being specific is the lettering

Евгений Шестилов says:


Lyrics Land says:

Hey , greetings !
I just watched your videos and I look great .
Look, since you're the first person I tell , wanted a logo like this video:
I will begin a project and just saw your designs are amazing .
I would like to know more information about how much you would pay.
I am 14 years old, my name is Alexis BM !
Gladly, I expect a response and I also hope to collaborate on the project !
Success and greetings from Mexico City.
By: Alexis BM
PD: I sent a message on Youtube.

Jesus Orozco says:

Damn seem like a sickass logo and a great name for a rap group.

Ricardo van de Beek says:

Nice piece of art but my tip is to make the speedart a bit faster.

Lyrics Land says:

Hey ! Excellent your video, I would like to order something like this for a project I'm starting to do!
I will send an email .
By: Alexis BM

Blazex says:

Amazing work well done.

amine kassem says:

Can you please do a how to learn typography tutorial

kaykay says:

I'm a total noob at PS. I use that tool you are using as well (the slicing) but when I play around with it, I can't fill it with colors and you do it automatically… how did you do that?

GameScreem NFS says:

how to cut the dots from text

Jake Kaye says:

how do you record your screen 

great work btw

The GiraffeaSourus says:

Do you use a scanner to get your drawing up onto illustrator? Or a camera and import it in behind as a layer?

365 Days of Design says:

love your work mate. would totally love to see your process for this typography before you enter illustrator. do you come up with it instantly or do you do heaps of concepts before you go digital?

TRONIX - Photoshop Design Tutorials says:

Epic Design dude!

BassBoostHD says:

What an amazing job!

SyrumDesigns™ says:

swerve you got the music mixed up the first one is Lauv – The Other (Ghosts Remix) haha

Orelh4 Gamer says:

Fantastic, very good

alex teo says:

Need a slow mo on this ASAP! so good <3

james coutts says:

THAT is so BADASS! if there is not already- it would be cool to see a tutorial of something like this, showcasing some of these effects.

Unique says:

I've watched a solid 20 times because of the first song…

Al Gore says:

Can you do a tutorial on how did the photoshop work

Xtreme Gaming says:

Wow I love it :*

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