NYSID Intro to Interior Design Online Course

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This 6 week course is for people considering a career in interior design and who want the flexibility and convenience of an online course. The course provides a broad introduction to the profession and the process of interior design.

Through interactive discussion forums and video lectures, NYSID faculty and professional interior designers share their experiences and thoughts on topics such as: What is interior design? What is a design concept? How do designers find inspiration? Students are introduced to the key elements of interior design, such as working with color, applying basic design principles, the influence of history and environmental psychology, and learning how to draw in scale.

Students will design a living room step by step, including: understanding a client’s needs, creating a design concept, drawing a floor plan, sketching design ideas, selecting furniture and materials, and creating inspiration montage boards. Weekly discussions with the instructor and fellow classmates are lively, focused, and interactive.


losy lavine says:

How much is the course

losy lavine says:

How much is the course

Decade says:

that blonde near the end of the vid is hot.

Isabelle Sison says:

It's gives me some idea for my course in here in Philippines 🙂 It's really help :D


Can i take this online course even if i am based in the Philippines?

Gareth Rich says:

omg I so sold, where do I sign up to this informative course!

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