How the flu vaccine works

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Animation describing how the influenza vaccine works inside a person’s body


snowflake891000 says:

Vaccines can be classified as "live attenuated vaccines" or "killed vaccines."They're not saying that the viruses are alive and breathing, they're saying that they're active or inactive.Killed viruses are virions that have been inactivated by chemical procedures.Infectivity and the viral ability to replicate are eliminated, but antigenicity is not compromised. The inactivated virus is comprised mainly of just membrane proteins.

blondefyi says:

got my flue shot in target today now i KNOW i wont get the flue this winter

ExKon3 says:

@heine71 antibodies

Thaylog456 says:

The only bit that contradicts in this video, is that Viruses aren't really Alive in the first place.

I suppose they used the terms alive and dead so the audience could better understand.

D Heine says:

What are the "Y"''s for?

bddblade says:

@AnThOnYrox8 hm good question 😮 I think viruses and stuff like that probably come from dirty animals and stuff like that. but who knows. Germs are everywhere!

Anthony says:

can a virus ever cease to exist? where does it come from in the first place.

okpapereat says:

it is dead viruses i already got the H1N1 shot and it was sore for 1 week

pakmule88 says:

yes…true. Though you can get live nassal flu shots that are alive but weakened.

ultimateinfinity21 says:

Lol, lets hope so!

Nadim Ghaoui says:

lol lets jsut hope that the vaxine is from dead virus 😛

KoesKoes99 says:

I dunno mate, When you think you have the swine flu, and you dont wanna die….The vaccine is a (Possible) way out

bobaneko says:

so it like saying we dont have the vaccine of the old one we just have update of the old ones right

Mgebrisuilcansceam says:

It's okay, sorry, the same thing happened to me, the process is difficult to exlain in English, for the youtube nickname i can tell you speak spanish, I understand, so do I.

CubanoMX says:

Exactly, I don't have the words in english to explain well the process but every year a vaccine is created for the "actual" virus… there is a lot of "versions"… the scientist create a vaccine with the estimated virus, to fight this virus, but every year the virus "mutate"=? to a new "version"…. so they need to create an specific vaccine for each influenza type

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