Trader – Made $41 Million Profit in 3 Years Option Trading (Karen the Supertrader)

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Watch the 2014 1 hour interview here –

Karen the Supertrader went from her day-job as a CFO to an option trader and turned $100,000 in 2007 into $41 million by 2011. This is her story, as told by Karen herself with Tom Sosnoff on tastytrade.

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Michael Mcnaughton says:

Tom loves to talk. Sometimes he goes on so long asking a question that he forgets he asked the question and simply moves on to the next subject. I like the butthead tho and have learned a lot from tasty trade.

Carrie Davis says:

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Tomas Matejka says:

Even if I do futures spreads and intra-day trading and not options she is truly an inspiration to me. Viewed this many times and it helped me to become more patient with my trading. Started to see failures in completely different light. Really these are just lessons to move forward for success and not to be depressed because there is no point for it. Would hug her for that. Thank you Karen :-)

Sacha10461 says:

I'm just started reading about option trading and watching vids and don't see how anyone can make a living doing this! AM I missing something?

Dicky S says:



It's funny to me how all so-called super traders are people you've never heard of.

malikzzzzz says:

That was a good story..can she manage my money? How do I find her? :D

Zzzlife Zzzlife says:

what an incredibly inspiring TRUE STORY! Wow Karen, hats off to you!

Alfred Fauver says:

See ANDY LANK SYSTEM . I am using this product since 3 weeks and i am getting good profit.

Margaret Watson says:

Karen the supertrader or Karen the super luckier? I haven't been able to make profit with binary trading. Loss 300$ in 24option.

Antriksh Panwar says:

Does shorting premium mean selling options or buying options?

William Lyons says:

As the old saying goes, she's picking up nickels and dimes in front of a steamroller. Eventually, you get run-over.

Omer Haroon says:

What three indexes did she mention, I heard SPX, RUT and what is the third one?

Lee Luis says:

Her basically strategy: selling naked otm puts and calls, during market crash, TOS's guys were actually betting against Karen (by placing wide put backspreads trades on), to sound nice, they said they were hedging TOS risk…

davidsirmons says:

Oh  my God man. Just shut up and let her tell her own story. You can't seem to remember or assemble a single sentence.

ankit malik says:

As a host you should shut up for a second and listen to her ..she might give you ques so you could also sit in her position one day… I mean No offense to you personally.

adastrarize says:

Google "Karen the Supertrader" for more on how she does this. One result, for example, is All with Bolly bands, as it says "she must had some pretty giant sized cojones".

Eddie Adams says:

What I heard was that this lady got into shorting indexes with options (so huge leverage) just prior to one of the biggest market crashes in history.  Was is just perfect timing?   And after the market got cut by 2/3, she loaded up and rode the same strategy all the way back up to its all time highs with similarly high leveled options?  To me that just seems lucky.  A daredevil who timed the market perfectly. 

It seems impossible that she made money shorting indexes as the market bounced back from the recession.  How is she doing today when the market is at an all time high again?

Vissvanathram Thayalan says:

Is Karen the Super trader a non directional trader? Or a directional trader?

Steve Kaldi says:

SUPER STORY…..Thanks for sharing…..

Houston Town Car says:

Great Video!! Check this out..

Michael Burks says:

This guy talks way too much and does not let Karen talk, which is all what we want to hear.  He likes to hear himself talk.  If you hear this please take note and let your speakers talk you speak too much and repeat yourself.  

Michael Reyes says:

Options trading is the way of the future.

Ankur Ahluwalia says:

One of the best tips for trading forex is to begin with small sums, and low leverage, while adding up to your account as it generates profits. There is no justification to the idea that a larger account will allow greater profits. If you can increase the size of your account through your trading choices, perfect. If not, there’s no point in keeping pumping money to an account that is burning cash like an furnace burns paper.

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