Live Day Trading – Learn How to Trade Options

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Live Day Trading – Learn How to Trade Options

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Options can be a powerful tool, and while this particular trade wasnt a massive winner, as you will see, with a plan/strategy in place, you can position yourself in a way where things can go “a little wrong” or “massively right”.

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BulletShogun says:

Whats the program being used on this webcast

Jason Cline says:

So, you were long stocks and short options, rode the stock up and sold, rode the options back down and covered for a hedge that happened to pay out on both ends? If so wow, nice video.

ClayTrader says:

Charles – not sure why I can't reply to your comment directly, but all those types of things are explained within my training courses:

Charles G says:

Hey, I was wondering what technicals you like to use for options trading. What period MAs or any specific time charts and why?

nicetiga says:

gosh , i really need to learn. I thought i knew! How in the world are you able to do any type of trading of options or anything for less than $1000 like everyone says. what am i missing? How is this done?

richy r says:

I got TD I want to use light speed but I don't know if it would let me transfer my funds to light?

cbatchler says:

Are you looking at and considering Delta?  When you day trade options are you getting in at strike prices ATM with a lower Delta or do you find having a high Delta has a better return?  Any chance at testing this out?   

Nick Barnett says:

Yet another great video!

trading2 says:

Great video! What kind of trading software and broker do you use? Thanks

Svtcobra60 says:

How much did each TSLA contract cost to purchase? 

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