How Does Hardware and Software Communicate?

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This video explains the communication between Hardware and Software with the help of System Resources. There are four types of system resources – 1) Memory Address, 2) Input/Output address, 3) Interrupt Request Numbers (IRQ), 4) Direct Memory Access (DMA) Channels.

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Russianlag says:

Can't understand a word he's saying

Shourya Mukherjee says:

What is this field or topic called? I'd like to go more in depth by researching about it.

brsdestroyer says:


Jeremy Brand says:

Good Video, But please slow down a little. Not everyone can understand quick English.

Sanjeev Sawargi says:

Super Video!.. Thanks a lot !..

Shadakshari C R says:

Nice but I am from Mechanical background so do you have any video that show the exact way of working certain thing like address bus is confusing

NoxXi says:

Thank you for the free learning sir!

pavan medam says:


Sergio Castillo says:

It looks cool, but it was very difficult to me to understand what the hell are u saying. Not for nothing, but for Im not English-speaking, It would have been much better if you could speak slower for retarded people like me, thx!

Christine Galinea says:

The videos are so cool.. and it makes hard topic to be easy to understand.. hope that more videos about electronics will come out because it is difficult to me to understand some topics in electronics

Manda Lakes says:

Great!! I always wanted to know exactly how this worked!

Michael Ortega says:

Awesome video!

Shrikant Singh says:

WOW!!! amazing video!!

amit “amitx7” x7 says:

he's way to fast to follow like i'm kinda impressed how fast he did talk thank goodness for the speed setings

Michael Magill says:

I love it, thank you.

Selur91 says:

2:09 is inception, Layer 48 :P

Naveen kumar says:

wow nice explanation thanks mate.

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