BBC Documentary | The Math Mystery Mathematics in Nature and Universe Science Documentary

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BBC Science Documentary | Cosmic time the true nature of time Science Channel
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Aditya Manuwal says:

Maths is just a representation of mental logic. That's why it seems to define the universe. We understand the universe through logical thought processes which is articulated externally by mathematics.

Jimbo Jones says:

So disappointing to see that mathematician say there are no circles in that needle and line problem. The needle can fall at any angle, making a circle. That's like the first thing you think of when trying to solve this problem. And if you want to make a circle pi would be useful.

Mustafa Idris says:

He dodges a question when uses computer game a analogy. Does anyone what question. If a programmer in putted the mathematical rules into the computer game, who put mathematics in reality??

Gruliet says:

Obviously there is an underlying pattern to everything, how else would such a vast infinity of stuff arise with so much in common everywhere? How else would anything exist? Look at DNA. Our bodies are literally built from a super condense code sequence which gives rise to bajizillions of cells in perfect order, creating a human body.. Chaos is an illusion arising from a limited perspective. That chaos would account for anything in our world is an absolutely absurd concept.

That aside, do you guys realise that there is no end to the number sequence? And no one has ever found, or proved how there could exist an "end" to this universe? I thought of this when I was 5 years old. I was like, "well what would be outside of the end of the universe?" OBVIOUSLY there can't be an end, that's that.

Energy can't be destroyed or created, only transformed, so guess the Big Bang theory doesn't work out. Unless the BANG was triggered by something… the question is what… how would all stars in the whole universe be condensed into a smaller-than-a-pea-pea in the first place? Makes so much more sense that this whole blast of energy was simply coming from something else, which came from something else, which came from something else…. Use logic please and be scientifically about it! 🙂 In this 3D realm (space-time) we perceive things linearly and as cause and effect but the very logic of a 5 year old child can shatter that illusion in to pieces! Keyword: illusion. And think about illusion… essentially there is no difference between illusion and reality… illusion is perceived as reality depending on perspective. It is subjective. Speaking of which, we obviously are not the body we live in or anything we can observe for that matter, we are the consciousness behind it all, how else could we observe it? I think, logically, the ultimate reality would be that of the broadest perspective, e.g. the consciousness behind all consciousness… encompassing all…

Furthermore… there is no such thing as nothing 'cause as soon as you think about it it exists!

Kevin Araya Vega says:

very good, good way to waste my time

Shoomer1988 says:

Will you people please stop fucking posting things as a "BBC Documentary" when it isn't. I know the BBC make the best documentaries in the world but you do not need to lie. Heads up – the BBC is British, we call "Math" Maths and we do not speak with an American accent.

roxanneworld11 says:

mandkind did not achieve mathematics – at best it was discovered/uncovered.

Brad Bilbo says:

Disappointed that they tried to make PI so mysterious when it is not. The experiment where you drop a needle and the statistic PI/2 is the solution as to how many times the needle crosses the line or not. It has everything to do with a circle. Unlike what the so called mathematician tried to say. That PI was somehow unrelated to a circle and still the right answer. Poor explanation when the truth is it has everything to do with a circle. The needle for the purpose of the calculation becomes a diameter of a circle with the ends of the needle, when spun, creating a circle. That circle represents the possible directions or positions the needle can be after dropped which is an infinite number of directions. And what is the infinite number associated with the relationship of a diameter to a circumference of any circle….PI. Then it's easy. Half the time over the line and half the time not crossing the line. So the solution is PI/2. It's really quite simple but they tried to make it mysterious and unrelated instead of being factual.

wgaf says:

that guy wit da hair luks lik a doosh bag

Andrey Rezende Soares says:

This isn't BBC.

serina18 says:

No, mathematic is just a human invention to understand how to understand certain things, but nature is randomly doing things. Math can predict geometrical things, of course, but weather/ financial market/ecnonomy..etc it's not possible because it is not a a part of a 1 object, but a combination of factors.

staninjapan07 says:

Yet another one labeled as BBC and narrated by a cowboy.

Do not waste your time. If you are expecting BBC quality, go somewhere else and do not boost the view-numbers for this channel.

valiant1man says:

Nov 7 2015 , we are in the future :p

Golam Rabbani says:

This is not a BBC documentary.

javon nelson says:

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