Let’s Play – Software Inc – Part 1

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It’s 1980 and my software company is just finding it’s way. Will it make it, or break it?

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the cow says:

Straya cunt

Blaine Lockard says:

Game fallout 4

OWProductions says:

That was the quickest half hour ever

KaiHampton11 says:

0:36 OMFG Loooool

Izahdnb says:

White chairs get as dirty as black chairs. It's just that you'll notice sooner ;)

yenioyuncu255 says:

Opened 3 vids at the same time,So many Flabalikis :P

Deep Field says:

I've been typing wrong my whole life…. Must put more arm into it…

Mr Chicken says:

should've called your company Stink inc.

Practically Amazing Hamster says:

James, how do u get this game on mac?

powersniper115 says:

Oh god. YES!
Oh f***. And we are not even 5 min into the let's play. 😀
Well. This is going to be gold!

Nicholas Bennett says:

Dude you just got a sub!

esc1010 says:

Best Reject: Fuck You

Raheem Boothe says:

Why you no take Becon from well

The Luiginator says:

0:36 Doesn't say the word , so younger subscribers still watch him…..

scientic says:

Not enough 'Again's in the title.

HYBRID says:

I loved Tandra…

RobinFlysHigh says:

11:33 Also the light was Construction: $26 I believe. 26:45 I feel like SoundWave is a thing in real life for some reason.

RobinFlysHigh says:

3:48 "Ohhh Tundra. So is it always gonna be snowy.?" Yes James, that's kind of what tundra is. xD.

RobinFlysHigh says:

0:43 Bahahaha. =).

Combatsmithen says:

You should have called the image viewing software "Prophecy"

gilad sher says:

You could've called the company "Pro-Fit" :P

Clara I-M says:

I've missed you, Flabs. Netflix distracted me for a while but I'm back now :D

Gizmo Gamer says:

Flabal-inc. for a name

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