5 Unique Gadgets You Might Not Know About #9

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Here’s the 9th Episode of the 5 Cool and Unique Gadgets that you might not know about. More of these videos coming up 🙂 Stay Tuned !

The Audio was done by my bro, let us know your thoughts so that we can improve the overall quality.
Audio By : @sagar19368

Future smartphone – Top 5 Features : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UpttiJxt0zI

Previous Episode of 5 unique gadgets : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ds5woKqqjoM

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Santiago Pizarro Lau says:

Fix your mic it keeps popping

HenryJaques says:

don't like your voice

nestor davila says:

i like youre coments about new gadgets .and The best of then.⑤✴

nestor davila says:

i like youre coments about new gadgets .and The best of then.

nestor davila says:

i like youre coments about new gadgets .and The best of then.

AR says:

It'd be nice if you include the pricing or the estimated prices for each product as well their estimated release dates. Would help a lot 

AdventZER0 says:

A pointer, when it says 64gb. don't say GB it makes you sound like an idiot, instead say either 64 gig or 64 gigabytes it sounds more professional.

johnotakum says:

Nice video, but I'd recomend working on your voice since you keep peaking out your microphone's volume, that, or using a better microphone.

S3xyKat says:

please get a pop filter

Hasan Md Sadekul says:

y0u guys are Awesome

Rafal Iwanczuk says:

Will the nexpaq be available for the Note 4? And how much do these cases cost?

sam ansah says:

Hello douse the portable game setup have its own rechargeable battery or do you have to plug it in

Tanmay Garg says:

hey dude when is that gaming thing going to come out pls tell me

Niclas Wyatt says:

I personally like the Gaemz the most but I still have got the question if there is an internal battery and if there is., how big it is

mailtoo2sam says:

Unfortunately the funding of breeze has been cancelled :(

chimpalahee says:

Are all the gadgets you show unreleased?

Gabriel Dennis says:

You sound different in this video?

Nayan Pradhan says:

I think the portable console has a 720p HD display, not a 1080p Full HD display
Anyways good video

Murtazatix says:

were you not well while making this video ? because you sound really really different !

Binoy Stan says:

Gamz is cool

Ibaad Ullah says:

You are the best youtuber, I have seen. I like too much episodes like TIPS, TRICKS AND HIDDEN FEATURES and 5 UNIQUE GADGETS YOU MIGHT NOT KNOW ABOUT. You are the best.

Jo's Tech says:

Put more than 5 in a single video

jeewan ghimire says:

The most awosome youtuber I have seen

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