5 Cool Gadgets #20

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5 Cool Gadgets #20

In this video:

1- FLYBi drone http://www.myflybi.com/

2- RePhone Kit http://www.seeed.cc/rephone/

3- HiddenHUB http://hiddenradiodesign.com/

4- Hoverboard http://hoverboard.com/

5- Touchjet WAVE http://www.touchjet.com/wave/

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Fishy_Dish says:

The second one is SOO STUPID! ya like your dog is just going to come back home lol and its so small why would you even want to wrap your "Phone" in paper? the only thing cool about it is that it has lua scripting on it (I use to make games) and to find your dog or what ever you put it on

Matte Swedeen says:

Australien dialect sounds just so bad.

Frank Molinari says:

ya causes its easier to dim the lights with a large screen TV vs a light switch

Bintang Akbar says:

wow! mind blowed by these! thumb up and 1 subs!

Johans Duty says:

Wow this is great dude keep this up +1 sub :)

Mariz del puerto says:

I love hoverboard

Adrian Tee says:

2# The Internet Of Things!

Funpowder says:

Wow!! I lost my words!

Ray Charles says:

Very cool. Very 007.

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